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During my dog world experience I have met several new dog enthusiast and one of the endless important question is Cost of a Puppy. Recently I have been advising some one on how much a Labrador may cost. I told them the Lab may cost any where between 3.5k to may be 50k breed in India puppy, you may expect the cost to be higher if you are getting the puppy from abroad. Strange isn’t? (For the new comers). The next question is why such a big range for same breed??
The cost of the puppy depends on the parentage and pedigree. Here is the list of various variable influencing the cost of a puppy: ( How to train a dog )

  • If the puppy is registered with kennel club of India the cost will be higher
  • If the parents or the pedigree showing in registration papers are champion the cost will be even higher
  • If the puppies from previous litter have been performing good in national shows the cost will rise
  • If you are buying from a reputed breeder and if he is promising about the quality, the price can go up

But speaking practically a good Labrador with out papers shall cost around 5k in the market. (Can be plus minus 1.5k depending on the health). Sometimes Male puppies are costlier than female puppies. This Quality can be classified as PET QUALITY

A champion bloodline puppy shall cost around 10k with papers and KCI microchiped. This Quality is SHOW QUALITY
Champion bloodlines pick of the litter, with amazing health, type and imported linage puppy shall cost around 20-25K. This Quality is Show Winning Quality
40-45 k can be asked for a out standing 3 month old puppy which the breeder is sure will make you proud in KCI shows and can compete for Dog Of the Year Prize

To a layman who is new to dog game how does it matter to spend more money?? Over a period of time keeping and managing all sorts of puppies I have personally realized the well pedigreed puppies are easy to maintain and keep. This is with logic behind. Pedigreed puppies are breed to behavior, which means they are true to the breed's distinct behavior. This means easy to train, easy to keep.

Prices Given here are examples for showing comparative senario


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I am a dog enthusiast. Have been keeping breeding and showing dogs since childhood. I love German Shepherds. Owns a Golden Retriever called Mirchi. Another breed I facinate is GSD!

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Shweta Singh
This article of yours is really an important piece of information for dog enthusiasts like us. I am planning to have a puppy but a bit puzzled abt which breed to go for.Though I regularly read all sorts of dog articles on Net/ newspaper but I never had a dog. I had cats. Actually my fav breeds are German Shepherds,Golden Retriever& Labs. I need a dog for 4 main reasons- dog lover, companion,security & a playful one. But the problem is that I am a working women I need to stay out for 6to 7 hrs. I stay in a flat but I hav a nice park in my locality plus enough space in my society where I can give my K9 his daily dose of exercise. I share my flat with my relative who can look aftr the dog for an hr or too until he leaves for his office. Plz do advice coz I am dying to hav a dog. Just can't do without it. Also frm where to buy I stay in Delhi. My email id

By: Shweta Singh | 13 Jan 2009

Hi Shweta, Many thanks for appreciating this article.
answering your questions:
1. Which Breed: I am a GSD lover my self but as I stay in an apartment I cannot afford to keep one- because of space constraints. We have a pair of Lhasa Apso now. All these three breeds you have mentioned are high energy breeds, Labrador Needs lot of excercise. Would say Golden Retrievers are a little more docile than other two.
2. Should not keep a dog if you will be leaving your dog alone for long hours on daily basis. The dog may get in to depression and un-correct behavior. solution: Either you should have some one to take care of your dog in your absence- or keep two dogs, they can play with each other in Human absence.

I believe you have thought through about above two points- Only thing remaining is Where to buy? once you decide about the breed you shoud find Realy reputed breedes of that breed, I personally would not advise to buy from a pet shop, go directly to the person who has got the puppy delivered from their own dog- in this case you will be able to see the mother and the sire of the puppy.


By: Rana Atheya | 13 Jan 2009

Pavan Kumar
Hi Rana_vr1

Very Good article. I have decided to get a dog in my life finally. I think I am ready for it. I atleast hope so. But, I have similar issues like Shweta ... But I really love dogs and ALWAYS wanted to have them in my home.

I have decided to have a Labrador. Do Labradors really need lots of exercise? And is an apartment really small for a Labrador to get bored and depressed. And by apartment how small/big are you talking about? - 1200 sft, 1800 sft or 2400 sft? Even a 2400 sft would be small for a Lab?

Basically I am looking for a dog which

1) Does NOT have too much hairy fur falling over the place
2) Friendly and sharp, yet loyal to the master(s)
3) Which would provide some sort of security to my wife at home
4) Not needing too much exercise - Actually if dogs can be trained to a treadmill, then I am Ok having a dog needing good amount of exercise

Could you guide me which dog which suit me the best. My personality is friendly, active, adventurous, a little bit aggressive too

Thank you

You can even email me at if you wish so.

By: Pavan Kumar | 28 Jan 2009

Yes Labrador's are very active dogs and need a lot of exercise, if you can manage to take your dog out in parks on regular basis it shall be fine. Labradors originally are from newfoundland and used to be with the fisherman. Fisherman used to throw the net to get fishes in the sea, Labradors used to help in retrieving that net back to the boat or the sea shore. This can help you imagine what an active dog Labrador may have been.

If you think that Labrador's being short hair dogs do not shed hair thn you are wrong- Labradors have very dense coat (this is because they are swimmers and to protect them from Cold sea water they need real dense and oily hair coat) and hair fall will bother you.
Labradors are also not very noisy dogs (Means they bark less)

I hope this helps you to understand Lab a little more. I guess Lab is a good breed if you may give regular exercise.

Would also advise not to buy from a Pet Shop (or Puppy Mills) always buy from a professional breeder who is registered with a reputed Kennel Club- Like Kennel Club of India

By: Rana Atheya | 28 Jan 2009

Pavan Kumar
Thanks a ton Rana. That really helped.

And even I am against buying it from Pet stores. I am looking for dog lovers who are good breeders too, from Bangalore. I don't want to deal with business kind of people.

Is there anyway you could help me with that. Any contacts from Bangalore?

Thanks in advance

Also, are there any other breeds I can look at, keeping my requirements in mind?

By: Pavan Kumar | 29 Jan 2009

I will find out some reputed breeders in Bangalore and will let you know. I will not discourage you keeping a Labrador (its a lovely breed) however you may consider Golden Retriever or Beagle.
Golden Retriever is one of the Favorite Breeds across the globe. Beagle is a small/medium sized dog with little less maintenance.

By: Rana Atheya | 29 Jan 2009

Pavan Kumar
Thanks for the quick reply. I will wait for you contacts and only then I would proceed further with my search :)

By: Pavan Kumar | 29 Jan 2009

Your article was really really helpful as I am looking for a pup. I first decided to go for a labrador, but I wont mind having a german shephard.
Can you suggest which one will require less excercise?
Is it ok to buy a GSD pup without papers?

By: Runni | 06 Mar 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Retina..NEVER buy any pups from a pet shop or broker or puppy mill as the pedigree and health willl never be sure. And in end it will be an expensive for you. Always buy a pup from a good breeder. By buying a pup from broker/puppy mill you are indirectly helping them produce more puppies of unknown health and pedigree. Only if you avoid buying from them, then only you can see quality of dogs coming up in future.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 06 Mar 2009

1. Between GSD and LAB listen to your heart
2. agree with DoggiesDude- buy from a reputed breeder and with papers

By: Rana Atheya | 06 Mar 2009

I strongly disagree to the statement "Pedigreed puppies are breed to behavior". I have been grown up with dogs and we have never bought any pedigreed pup, we have always rescued Indian dogs to adopt them and I found that they are self learners. Just by making them abide to a routine make them learn in 3-4 days. For me Dog training institues is required when the owner doesn't have time for the dogs or may be for them who wants to show off their social status. However buying a dog with paper might ensure that dogs are not being abused at breeders place and is not some dog from one of the puppy mill.

By: Rain | 19 May 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
I assume he meant breed personalities.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 19 May 2009

Agreed @DoggiesDude

By: Rana Atheya | 19 May 2009

Anurag Rana

Thanks for putting up such a nice article, to be honest even I am planning to bring a labrador pup to my home for a long time now.

I have some questions though, Just like Shweta even I live in a flat with my sister and both of us go to work. I am a dog lover, though this would be my first dog, I have always wanted to have a labrador. I am looking for a pet dog (not the show qlty types) who is friendly and can still provide security if needed. As you have already mentioned that labs dont bark much and are quite playful and active. I can take the dog for walks during early morning hours and late evenings.

What I wanted to ask is, while buying a pup from a pet owner what are the qualities I should look into the pup's parents for, and how do I determine whether the pup is healthy? I am planning to buy a fawn coloured 2month old male pup at Bangalore.

I would also like to know how much would the necessary vaccinations cost, and we being vegetarians the dog will be served only vegetarian food, can this be a problem?

and last but not the least if at all you can help me find out a KCI registered breeder at bangalore who has a 2 month old male pup then kindly forward the details to me.


By: Anurag Rana | 19 May 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Six Basic Personality Types

Your dog’s ability to learn is affected by his personality and your choice of solutions to problems as well as the way you use your voice should be based on temperament or personality. For the following, there are six basic personality types. Remember, dogs are unique and complex, so they may often have reactions that match more than one personality.

(1) Responsive – this dog wants to be a people-pleaser. He is eager to learn and is a quick study. Handle him in a normal manner and be very generous with your praise. Leash, voice and corrections can be vigorous but don’t overdo it – no more than necessary. This is still a puppy.

(2) High Energy – can be challenging because this dog is easily distracted and very excitable. You need to muster up extra patience while being firm and determined when you handle him. Subdue the praise so you won’t over-excite this little one and have to start all over again.

(3) Strong-Willed – or should we say "this dog has a mind of his own" and can be resistant to teaching? You must exercise patience and be persistent in the process. Eventually he will “get it.” In the meantime, be firm and somewhat assertive and loud with your voice. Most important - lavish on the praise when this doggy does what you want him to do.

(4) Shy and Insecure – this timid little one needs sensitivity and kind patience. He may be timid or fear-ridden; afraid of noises and sudden movements. Strange people, strange places and new situations are troublesome. Use a soft tone of voice and use a leash but no leash corrections or shake cans. Love, affection and quiet enthusasm is important.

(5) Calm and Easy Going – lives life at a slower pace than most dogs and could be called lethargic or sedate. Commands should be firm but loving and lavish praise is essential. Patience and tolerance will get the job done better than harsh tones of voice and harsh corrections. No shake cans. Leash corrections in a gentle manner only as a last resort.

(6) Aggressive – this unwanted behavior is primarily “Dominant” or “Fear” based. A dominant aggressive dog is frighteningly dangerous and can be menacing and controlling as they guard their territory including those who live in the same house. Don't confuse dominant aggression with protection! Early training Is essential if behavior modification is possible. Fear aggressive dogs can be just as frightening but they are ruled by their own fears. If you know the dog is aggressive or temperament testing indicates any aggressiveness, DO NOT TEST

Vaccinations are very easy on pocket. round 500 annually roughly.

You can lookup for lab breeders at Dogspot or any search engine. also has good south india based breeders list

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 19 May 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Above was Matty Theorm of Puppy personality.
Basic way is this one too.


The puppy's basic personality traits are measurable by eight weeks of age. These tests are intended to give a general indication of what personality to expect from the adult dog. If possible, test several pups at the same time to get perspective on differences. Try to test the same pup multiple times before adoption.

Take each puppy into a room away from the mother and other pups. Write down the test scores for each pup. Identify each one by number, or by markings. ("Brown spots on left rear foot")

Dominance Test:
In this neutral setting, gently roll the pup onto its back and hold it "chest up" for about 30 seconds. Don't talk. Act calm and neutral and observe for struggling.

Struggles constantly, play growls or bites
Acts scared, whines or leaks urine
Struggles some, then relaxes and lays quietly

Following Test:
Carry the pup to the center of the room. Put it facing you and walk away. (Watch to see if the pup follows you without encouragement.)

Ignores you or wanders away
Cowers or hides or follows hesitantly
Chases you and tries to play bite your foot
Follows you with tail up and wagging

If the pup does any of these first three choices initially, then call in a happy voice, clap and slap the floor to try to get the pup to come. If it will not come and be friendly, you may want to select another dog.

Activity Test:
Observe the pup by itself and with the litter for general activity level.

Is constantly in motion
Is constantly lethargic (unless it just ate or is sickly)
Is interested and moves to explore or play, then rests

Retrieving Test:
Take a small ball or improvise with tin foil. Bounce it in front of the pup, then roll it away. Observe the puppy's face closely without distracting it.

Ignores the ball totally
Watches the ball with interest, but doesn't follow
If the dog starts out after the ball, and especially if it follows or touches the ball
Brings the ball back to you

Intelligence is measured by duration of eye focus, explorative sniffing and tendency to explore

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 19 May 2009

I a looking for a saint bernard puppy. Can you please help me in budgeting the estimated cost and the best place in Kolkata?
I also have a 5 yr German Shepherd dog and was wondering if both of them will fit well together.

By: Animesh | 13 Jul 2009

hii...thnks aton for such a thorough description of the cost of pups...really a gr8 job.
I am looking for a GSD puppy. Can you please help me in budgeting the estimated cost and the best place in Orissa and i want it to be champion bloodline, kci registerd and microchipped.
I currently have a 5 yr German Shepherd bitch and was will dere be any problem between both of them???

By: deepak | 20 Aug 2009

hi.. i am lookin for a bullmastiff puppy which shud b genuine, registered with kci and from champion bloodlines and everything that a good dog shud have....can u plz refer me wher can i get one near dehradun???and wat will b approx cost??

By: chintamani | 17 Oct 2009

rajshree apte
Dear Mr Rana,
I have a KCI REGD Champion golden retriever female name Janhvi ( Nutty ). She has delivered eight puppies. They are very much healthy. They all are genuine in pedigree as both the parents are champion, perfect golden in colour and registered with KCI and even the sire has won best of the breed. We want to sell the puppies for good caring homes. Please guide us.

By: rajshree apte | 29 Nov 2010

Hi Rana,

That was a very nice post. I am looking for a Golden Retreiver pup. Chose that over a Lab, as I heard that they are generally less energetic compared to a Lab. I am a first time dog owner, and I would be grateful if you can tell me how much does it cost and any reputed breeder in Kerala. Thank you in advance.

By: Vinu | 20 Dec 2010

this is really a goldmine of information of Different breed,
Iam bringing home a Boxer Puppy shortly, kindly shed some info on how to identify about some characteristics of a good Boxer, Ive seen both the mother and Sire of the pupps both are well trained and behaved, But unfortunately both are not KCI registered,



By: Santosh | 18 Jan 2011

Kunaal Geraa
Hii Rana..,
I really need your help...i am 17 and i am going to get my dog soon...but the problem im facin is that even though i cant call my house small..its medium sized..but the furniture etc is very in it does not rise much off the can i get a labrodor? I really want to get one because i am that kind of person who loves to play with around with them..and another thing is that both my parents are working and i have got another year of i wont be there to take care of the dog..please could you help me..if not a lab den which breed should i go for?

By: Kunaal Geraa | 28 Jan 2011

rajshree apte
Now our golden retriever puppies are grown to three months old. Four of them we sold. Now four are with us. We want to keep all of them, but if we sell two female puppies out of them. So we could take good care of rest two puppies. You can view their photographs on royalgoldens apte on facebook. - Rajshree

By: rajshree apte | 04 Feb 2011

Dear All,
I see that most of you want a dog that is a good companion, easy to maintain(i.e. less hair fall) and for security also. I'm surprised that no one considered a Doberman. Doberman is the Dog which I would say is the complete dog which will be a good companion, good watchdog and protection dog, easy to maintain and can play games very well. Doberman does need exercise regularly(minimum 30 mins daily). You can get a good puppy with kci certificate in the price range of 8500 to 15000 itself.

By: Jefferson | 18 Apr 2011


I am a fan of the canine family and wish to own a Miniature Schnauzer. I have researched about this one's temperament and shedding characteristics. However i am clueless of where i may find a pure breed pup. Also could you please help me with the price the pup may fetch? I am from Mumbai.


By: Lourdes | 14 Aug 2011

@Lourdes: Contact these people. The prices will be high. ture_schnauzer.htm breed/miniature-schnauzer/

By: Jefferson | 14 Aug 2011


Good info ! Was just wandering.....are imported dogs from Bangkok like Yorkie, Shi tzu etc safe to buy?
Are pups which are KCI registered a safer bet?

By: DS | 05 Oct 2011

vinay v yadav
good article.. novice pet owners should not fall for any person saying the pups are from so and so bloodline, rather must visit dog shows to actually see what breed standard and type is all about and also visit atleast five litters before finalising a puppy... also take an opinion from a trusted veterinary doctor before finalising your purchase.

By: vinay v yadav | 12 Oct 2011

Zugal J
Hello Rana..I am really great full to you, for your article.. But I cant afford too much price,,but I really Love Doggy..Can I get a Healthy Labrador pups at Rs.4000???

By: Zugal J | 15 Apr 2012

hi wanted to know about rottweiler's price,availability ,also what traits to look out for or how to pic the perfect rottie ,im sooooo obsessed by them love the breed,from what i know its not for a novice dog owner ,which i'm nt .ive had dogs earlier .i'm getting a mixed breed to brush my skills on dog handling i'm patient ,persevering and a type A personality,most people advice us to not get one .but damn i'm headstrong i will get one soon guys feedback plzz.....we've been told women cant handle rotties (is it true-i dont think so),also i dont believe rotties are vicious . so please enlighten me ....

By: shreshtha | 25 Apr 2012

Barath Kumar M
wat does a champion bloodline mean? if a puppy's grand sire is a champion... is it a champ bloodline? pls rply

By: Barath Kumar M | 16 May 2012

Yuvraj Rana
Hi guys,Just a few months back I was also hell confused where to buy pup from. although I was pretty sure about the breed to go for. I inquired about Labrador pup prices which left me so confused as it started from around 3k to 20k for a female pup. I ended up buying from ( Rahul ) and believe me people the pup I have is one of the healthiest I have ever seen. Very active and very shiny coat.

By: Yuvraj Rana | 13 Jan 2013

Sujeeth Jaideep
Hey I read your article and it was quite useful , yea much would a lab cost with papers and the chip and a normal one not a champ dog..,how much would the maintanence cost and I leave around morning 7:30 and come back only at 6:30 so is it ok to leave the dog at home?? Max for 2-3 hrs it might have to be alone after that my dad would be home and my house is 1800sq.ft. So. Would a lab be appropriate or should I go for anyother breed I need a friendly please help me out-thank you

By: Sujeeth Jaideep | 29 Aug 2013

vihar ramani
Hi,really good article.. i am planning to get a golden retriever female puupy.please inform what 3-4 things i shud look at when i go to breeder's.thanks,Vihar

By: vihar ramani | 17 Dec 2013

i want a black lab i

By: santosh | 25 Dec 2013

Hi,Thanks for your all articles which vary useful to new joiner like me. I have two kids of age group 8

By: Anil | 22 Jan 2014

Gautam Peri
hi i want to buy a small breed pup , which one will be better ... i stay in a apartment and i am having already black pom .... plz suggest small dog breeds which i can buy .... i am from raipur , chhattisgarh ... thank you

By: Gautam Peri | 18 Mar 2014

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