Can any one tell me the difference between Cane Corso ,Dogo Argentino and Presa Canario.

Hi guys can any one tell me the difference between cane corso ,dogo argentino and presa canario.I am really eager to buy a dog but since i cant decide which one to get.I want a big dog with minimum shedding and which can better survive Chandigarh's weather.I know i can not find any of these breeds in India but i have located quality breeders.I want a family dog which can provide protection and be a good guard dog .I would really appreciate some help in this matter.
By Harman · 05 Feb 2010 10:01 pm


By bhartan · 07 Feb 2010 7:50 pm
Out of the three dogs that u r considering Cane Corso is the most suitable as a family pet. Dogo Argentino and Presa canario need a lot of obedience training and socialization or they may turn nasty.

Cane Corso is an Italian mastiff type breed usually with a good temperament. They are around 50kgs same as a Rottie when grown up.

Dogo Argentino is a breed developed in South America. They are smaller than Cane Corso. Rarely more than 35 kg. They can be a problem to handle if not obedience trained and socialised.

Presa canario are of Spanish origin. About 40 to 50 kg. Another strong headed breed and can be a problem to handle if not obedience trained and socialised.

If you have access to healthy dogs of these breeds and are sure of the parents’ temperament go for Cane Corso.

PS: Don’t have to train most dogs to guard haouse and family it comes naturally to them.
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By Hungry Paw's! · 08 Feb 2010 1:25 am
Nothing like Dogo or Persa Or Cane Corso's Or A Rot or a Pit or Japneese Tosas.!! To own these dogs one must not be a novice in dogs!! if you want to own them first be in exprience of Labs or other dogs for a minimum of 5 years!!! Dont take a dog just that it looks good! and yea.. Pitbulls 38% deaths , Rots 23% deaths, Persa Canaros 11% deaths!!

Just because these dogs are getting Popular dont think they are not easy ! these dogs are known to maul people or even kill so check out before you take one!

there is nothing hard to find breeder in any city!
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By Arun Dhanoa · 08 Apr 2010 4:37 pm
of all three breeds you mentioned i would strongly reccomend that you o your research as the presa canario is not for novices or even intermediates- that is if you can get hold of a good specimen. Given that it is a new breed, "recreated" (for want of a better term) largely in the 80's by Mr Manuel Curto (Irema Curto Kennels, Tenneriefe) and whilst largely mastiff type - may have breeds such as bull terrier, pitbull and majoreo as an influence- depending on which line . also of note with the presa canario, the breed has now split into two with the show type (heavier thicker set, less function as a general rule) now known as the Dogo canario (for reference please look at Barnacan Bull Kennels as a comparison) the working line of this breed has been maintained by a small but passionate group and you would be extremely luck to obtain one. I myslef have to wait for a few years (in UK) before a specimen of suitable quality and breeding would be available. In fact in the UK you could count the number of breeders for the working perro de presa canario on one hand. The true presa excels at close quater Personal protection work- so think do you have the time, patience let alone abilty to train a dog of this calibre.

The dogo argentino has been in this country since the 70's as it was imported here by a successful business man (whom i shall not name) who had settled in argentia with hundreds of acres of farm land. Having seen them being used on pigs and other vermin out there, he began to bring top quality specimens back. Which is also why many of the so called Bully Kutta we see today carry large amounts of dogo Argentino influenece.
It is primarily a hunting dog and as such has no place in its orignal use in India as hunting has been banned.

The cane corso (modern) depending on where it is sourced from also has large amounts of mixed blood. for example in USA it widely known, and in some cases even accepted that rottweilers, bull mastiffs, danes, pitbulls have all played a part in some if not most of CC's produced- my reccomendation would be to find a traditional corso exhbiting the true characteristics of the breed as can be found in italy (google Dr. Flavio Bruno- a man who has kept the breed as close to its orignal for more than anyone else.) the proof is in the pudding as they say.

unless you have a need for these specific breeds i would suggest opting for a more available breed- like a street dog!
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By VikramG · 07 Apr 2012 9:49 am
Please dont get a dog just to puff your personality. Do consider that you are getting into a bond which lasts for years.
The dogs that you mentioned have very dominative instincts. they are certainly not suitable for a first time dog owner as mentioned in other replies.
Please be careful in what breed you buy, and what breed would best suit you, your family, your lifestyle, the whether conditions, and most importantly how much time can you dedicate to your dog.
Sorry, didnt mean to be discouraging, but its better to be prudent and not get into something that results into a painful seperation later on for both, the human and the pup.
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By vijaymadhav · 01 May 2012 10:00 pm
All three are very powerful working and guard dogs. You need to spend lot of time in training and exercising them. If these dogs do not get enough work they get bored and can turn vicious. And as said by others if you are a novice or a moderate handler you will have a tough time. Rottwieler is also a dog that needs lot of work. Bull mastiff is a better option. It is a large dog with supreme man stopping power. It needs minimal exercise and is easy to maintain. Whatever the breed of dog is you need dedication. Should spend lot of time. Should know what the dog is going through. Some diseases like parvo will kill the dog even before you think something is wrong. Its like taking care of an infant for ten years. Do not be impulsive. Spend some time before you get a dog home.
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By Gaurav Pant · 14 Aug 2012 10:12 pm
Out of these three cane corso is better suited to family. But all these breeds are for experienced owners who can give themlong walks & 1-2 hours of daily exercise.If you want a good security dog then consider German Shepherd.They are easier to handle as compared to the above mentioned breeds and are more intelligent.They will follow you everywhere.Maybe you can get 2 dogs out of the four:German Shepherd,Doberman,Rottweiler or cane corso.
Think deeply about the time,effort & affection you can give & in turn they will protect you from every threat.
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By wesley juliet · 12 Nov 2012 3:49 pm
cane corso dogo argentino presa canario
buy an animal dictionary there are plenty of them available in book shops.
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By wesley juliet · 12 Nov 2012 3:51 pm
dogo argentino
is the best pick for you because the president obama is also keeping this breed because it doesn't shed hair and same is needed for the presidents older dauhghter maliya
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