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I have 45 days old Labrador puppy and only feeding him with Cerelac Stage 1 Wheat, is it OK or should I also serve him with pedigree stage 1

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Since he is only 45 days old, I would suggest you to continue feeding him with cerelac stage 1 and also slowly start feeding him pedigree stage 1. Don't jump directly, start the process slowly as it may take a time to adjust for your small pup. As theh time passes and your pup start to adjust with the new food, than you can continue feeding him with pedigree. Also consult vet for better suggestion.

By: Devika | 15 Nov 2013 2:56 pm

hamachandran K

You must feed with pedigree weaning start 00.

Apart from that feed with chicken skin, vegetables.

Give proper supplement for multivitamin, calcium tonic etc.

Give proper workout.

By: hamachandran K | 17 Nov 2013 1:51 pm

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