I have just bought a 3 month old GSD puppy, and he came home with us yesterday. We also took him to the vet yest, and got him vaccinated (anti rabies, 8in1 & antibiotic).. after this he had become very sedate, doesnt eat food or drink anything other than water. Yesterday he passed motion once and today morning once (both very liquidy) and vomit once yesterday.

He has had nothing except water after deworming and he is just having water. He is neither interested in having milk/food nor active in playing or puppying arnd !! Always sleeping... but he learnt to pee outside the house, he wakes up, walks to the door and gives us an indication that he wants to go out and pee :)...

we have taken him again to the vet today, and checked he had fever of 103F and gave him another dose of anntibiotic& some other injection to save him from ill effects of vaccine. He is just very silent, sleepy and lost all his apetite for the last 36-40 hours !! we are worried.. please help/guide us what to do, we want him to be active tearing and exploring stuff, and he is so sedate !! plz help guys

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Anil @ DoggiesDude

change the vet. he injected all the vaccinations at one go. STUPID.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 17 Jan 2010 10:12 pm

Phani Krishna

:P ... i am not worried about the vet now.. what will happen to my tiger?? I guess even the vet I used to visit for my dog in hyd (another GSD) also gave all vaccines at once !! isnt it normal ??

By: Phani Krishna | 17 Jan 2010 10:25 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Nope..All vaccines are NEVER given at one time. google for the schedule for the vaccines and you will see that it starts from 30 days and final is given around 90 days.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 17 Jan 2010 11:08 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

http://www.peteducation.com/ar ticle.cfm?c=2+2115&aid=950

see above page for details

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 17 Jan 2010 11:10 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

There is a lady vet in Banjara hills which i have heard is good. unable to recall her name. Please try from some pet shop and they might suggest some good vets

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 17 Jan 2010 11:11 pm

Phani Krishna

my puppy is already 90 days old.. so probably tht can b the reason for this ? And my wife likes the vet a lot.. he explained us about all the issues involved in having GSD, necessity to feed him calcium, weight maintenance etc, he himself loves the pets so much etc tht my wife is totally in belief of tht vet ... I may not change the pet right now, because it will cause new people and new relation again !! is there anything else i can do ?

By: Phani Krishna | 17 Jan 2010 11:22 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

i wonder how he adminstered all the vaccines as you mentioned in one shot..that is very strange. Anyway my view is that its upto you to decide if you like the vet or the pet.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 17 Jan 2010 11:29 pm

Phani Krishna

Ha ha ..... obviously we like the pet... vet, we like or not, we will continue for the moment, coz he has been looking after it for 2 days, and he is available on call always and is also helpful in guiding us. I am only worried why isnt the puppy eating anything !! and is very sedate !!.. something wrong and i m not knowing wat it is :(

By: Phani Krishna | 17 Jan 2010 11:45 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

overdose maybe the reason but better checkout with a vet as he might be know more

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 17 Jan 2010 11:48 pm

muhammed suhail

the vet is a fool!!!!kick that vet ....he cant give all those vaccines at once...he hsould have given only deworming now..pls leave that vet

By: muhammed suhail | 18 Jan 2010 12:14 am

Phani Krishna

Hi..my puppy hasnt had anything yet and today probably he is going on drips !! My wife said she spoke to the vet and he asked her to bring the pup to put him on saline drips ...

If a vaccine can cause all this, i am sure to kill that vet :P my wife says lets not change the vet till the pup is cured and then look for other options, basically because she wants the whole treatment to go on one hand only! I am very tense about the puppy not having anything at all for 3 days now !.. will he be alright after the drips ? what is causing him all this problems ?

By: Phani Krishna | 18 Jan 2010 10:12 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

simply a stupid vet is causing all this problem. Pup is NOT a toy to play around.I wonder how you will take care if he survives.
http://yellowpages.sulekha.com /hyderabad/health-services-med icine/clinics-doctors/veterina ry-doctors/28.htm#

Imagine if it was your own child and not eating/responding since days would you still go to the same doc or look for any other life saving doc.

What treatment do you expect from him now?

I really feel sorry for the pup. God Bless.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 18 Jan 2010 10:34 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

And since you are not ready for any suggestion and blindly follow the vet, it nullifies the advantage you want from this portal.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 18 Jan 2010 10:36 am

Phani Krishna

Hi anil.. well, I am in bangalore actually now and not in Hyd. My wife is not comfortable changing the vet, because of various reasons and she just wants to get it done from the person who started it of !

I even spoke to few other vets in the locality, and everyone says bring him in, we ll look after and treat. I dont know if I can trust them really or not. This is the problem if you dont know much in the locality. I have decided I will let my wife take him to the vet now and in the evening when i am back home, i am taking him to CUPA animal clinic which is open 24 hrs. I hope all is well with our tiger yar !!

By: Phani Krishna | 18 Jan 2010 10:49 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Mr Phani, Tiger has already been mistreated by the vet. He would SURELY try to cover his wrong doing now and it might be bad for Tiger. Like in human we take few opinions, i would suggest the same to you do ASAP.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 18 Jan 2010 10:52 am

Phani Krishna

Thanks for your suggestions anil. I spoke to the vet in hyd (who used to treat my other pets) and he was yelling at me for my mistake. He told me to immediately start treating him with human medicine like Vomikind, OFM suspension & sporolac ... 3 times a day, and feed him with pedialyte every 2 hours, so that he gets energy and stops vomiting. He told to do this immediately and wait till evening before i visit another vet. And for sure, I am not visiting this guy in BLR anymore.

I ll find one more guy by then... and till then, i ll start this medication suggested by Dr. Raju (hyd). I guess this is better than putting him on drips with the current vet. I hope things will go well now !!

By: Phani Krishna | 18 Jan 2010 11:30 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

First since he has vomitted a lot as you have mentioned, ask you wife to give him Glucon D 1 tspn every 1-2 hrs so that he does not dehydrate.
then consult your vet as i can assume he is really sick and it is life threatening.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 18 Jan 2010 11:34 am

Phani Krishna

My wife has given the dose of vomicyde & OFM suspension.. and sporolac as well. Now giving him ORS solution every 2 hrs. This fellow doesnt take in gluconD but is ok with ORS i think. He has not vomitted since 10.30 and i hope he will get well sooner.

I am not finding pedialite 90 anywer near my office and neither my wife could get it !! ORS is one alternative. any thing else ? I want to sue this stupid vet in blr, who has put my puppy's life at stake !

By: Phani Krishna | 18 Jan 2010 2:12 pm


mr phani, don get me wrong bt u hv wasted lots of tym in gettin ur dog treated!! since beginnin mr. anil is tryin to explain u bt u don wanna chnge his vet coz ur wife lykes him.. n regardin d vaccinatns, der shud b a gap of at least 15-20 days in between two vaccines... bt at least nw u hv realizd ur mistake.. get him treated fast.. god bless him!

By: shreyank | 18 Jan 2010 5:27 pm

Phani Krishna

Ya shreyank.. better late than never. Right now he is in medication.. using the above told medicines. I will watch him till tomorrow, feeding him ORS and pedialite. Tomorrow if he is not alright by 11am, i am gonna visit another vet in BLR. My vet in hyd whom i contacted on fone says, he should be alright in 3 days with this medication which started today.

By: Phani Krishna | 18 Jan 2010 6:57 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

By phone its just hit and trial method. Suggest you to have another vet look at him and diagnose the problem.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 18 Jan 2010 7:07 pm

Phani Krishna

we went to another vet now, he gave another dose of anti-allergic injections, Liv52 & Digyton (which shall increase his apetite). along with these, he told us to continue OFM & sporolac, and feed him with semisolid malt and power pup solution by spoon. He said the pup weighs abt 5.7 kg and is little dehydrated. The pup should be alright by tomorrow or else he will be put on drips for sometime it seems.

he said all this is because he was dewormed and vaccinated on the same day without any gap. And he says this is normal if the pup is allergic to vaccines. max time for tiger to become normal is 5 days he says !! is he ok ?i have lost my trust on vets in blore with such incident

By: Phani Krishna | 18 Jan 2010 9:07 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

see it means if a human have to be operated, the docs will operate, remove stiches, give antibiotics all in ONE shot? Man..its MURDER... Coz they are animals and cannot talk does not mean a vet can do anything stupid and laugh his way out..
I wud suggest to give glucon D also to him..

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 18 Jan 2010 9:11 pm

Phani Krishna

we are forcefully feeding him with ORS & java now. tomorrow i ll mix gluconD into java. i guess verol is a multivitamin which is gud enuff for gluconD !he is sleeping well now.. i just hope he gets alright soon

By: Phani Krishna | 18 Jan 2010 9:17 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Multi n Glucon D are different. Multi should be given when dog has recovered. Anyway follow what the vet says as he in better position to guide. I am just virtually giving my views. I am sure he will be better now. God bless Tiger and wish a speedy recovery.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 18 Jan 2010 9:19 pm

Phani Krishna

Hi everybody... This is phani's wife...Divya... we have given TIGER ganji now mixed with power pup powder as suggested by new vet...

Everybody please pray that TIGER recovers soon....

By: Phani Krishna | 18 Jan 2010 10:39 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

We have always wished speedy recovery for Tiger and since he is in right hands now, he will recover soon.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 18 Jan 2010 10:43 pm

arsh sharma


By: arsh sharma | 19 Jan 2010 12:03 am

Phani Krishna

i guess he looks better now. woke up in the morning and tried drinking water by himself, vomitted little malt java of yest and little water that he drank.. his motion was loose still, but his apetite seems to be coming back! will continue ORS and other medication till evening and check how he goes.

I feel this forum is a lot of support..thank you guys

By: Phani Krishna | 19 Jan 2010 6:52 am


gud goin tiger!!! get well soon!!

By: shreyank | 19 Jan 2010 8:57 am

Phani Krishna

he is not taking anything except water by himself. everything else is forcefully fed to him via syringe, opening his mouth! yesterday he was fine with it.. but today he is resisting syringe (he learnt it i guess).. is it better to put him on drips ?

By: Phani Krishna | 19 Jan 2010 9:40 am


yeah i think putting him on drips shall help

By: shreyank | 19 Jan 2010 9:42 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

kindly consult the vet. He will do better when he checks the pup.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 19 Jan 2010 9:43 am


hope the tiger is ok now..god bless

By: jaimohan | 19 Jan 2010 12:23 pm

Phani Krishna

well we are not sure when he will all ok... Just returned from the vet. He got 250ml saline and now looks little ok. Doc says make sure you check his motion & vomit for blood. if there is no blood, he will surely get well within 5 days! in case there is blood in motion/vomit, then he says it is difficult to treat (coz it might be numerous ulcers).. as of now tiger is just inactively resting, drinking water and waiting for another saline !

I feel like killing the b*****d vet who gave dewormin & vaccines on one day !! i just hope he ll get well soon

By: Phani Krishna | 19 Jan 2010 1:34 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Since Tiger has started to respond to the treatment, he would surely recover.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 19 Jan 2010 1:38 pm

aun mehdi

hi mr phani krishna i had the same problem with my GSD when he was 2 months old ,as i was readind your question's and answer's i was imagining the day's what's passed on me ! the very next week when i bought him he had the same problem started vomiting's and later on blood motion's (severe) he was administered drip for 10 day's,each day.They were to 2 different types of drips,injection's,antibiotice ect.. that administered each 1/2 bottle.it was so severe that i showd him 2 all the vet's in HYD and in the last stages,they recomended me not to spend money on him as these were his last day's.THAT WAS ALL WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.during this period when u get him dripped he wont eat any thing by him self other then water
(dont force him to eat any thing either by serenge or by any thing)
2.he'll get very thin
3.don't panic
4.regularly get him dripped
5. take my opinion and just once just,once visit the shanti nager govt.VET DR.goud and one more else in MASABTANK if u r in hyderabad during morning hours
6.i had the same problem and now if u view his pic's,u wont believe how he is now.



By: aun mehdi | 19 Jan 2010 1:39 pm


may be aun mehdi is right! just by reading thru ur problems, i also feel like giving a good one to that vet. let's pray that tiger get well fast. ALL THE BEST..GET WELL SOON TIGER..

By: jaimohan | 19 Jan 2010 2:43 pm

Phani Krishna

Yea.. I stopped feeding him forcefully. Only giving him medicines through syringe. shall plan for the whole week to be with him now !!

By: Phani Krishna | 19 Jan 2010 2:52 pm

Phani Krishna

Guys, i have a doubt.. is it better to feed him orally by force using syringe or use drips ?? which will be better ? coz if our kid is not well, we would feed him howmany ever times he vomits .. isnt it ! same logic works for dogs ?

By: Phani Krishna | 19 Jan 2010 3:44 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

no more Experiment please. Please do as vet suggests.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 19 Jan 2010 4:04 pm

aun mehdi

yea mr.krishna,i can certainly understand what are you being going through,when the factor comes to medicines,antibiotics and all u HAVE TO TRANSFER IT TO HIM FORCEBALLY!...other wise he wont consume it directly.. just think about the small childrens how fussy they become in such situation's,it's the same case!!! but when we talk about my dog when he was a puppy,all this happened to him just because of my care less ness,that i dint get him proper vaccination on time!which resulted in growth of some dangerous worms in his stomach !! as said my mr ANIL ""no more Experiment please. Please do as vet suggests.""
mr krishna when i had took my pup to the vet ,during that time he started the drip andministration only when he examined his eyes which had goan blood deficient and pale.ONLY in this case he was administered drip.but the Symptoms u stated above are just just the same as of mine's!!

By: aun mehdi | 19 Jan 2010 5:03 pm

Phani Krishna

He had 250ml drip in the morning.. and now again in the evening the vet has asked me to come if tiger doesnt eat/drink anything by himself. So i am going back to the vet at abt 7pm. thankfully he hasnt vomitted blood. only the last dose of medicines he vomitted out !

By: Phani Krishna | 19 Jan 2010 5:13 pm


Please consult Vet before taking any action

By: Admin | 19 Jan 2010 5:14 pm

arsh sharma


By: arsh sharma | 19 Jan 2010 9:24 pm

gautam sawant

Hello Mr & Mrs Krishna,
Its really sad that tiger has to go through all this , i hope and pray that he gets well soon
I know u must be worried and having hard time ,
i have read the posting and i have some quirries , hope u dont mind !!
1. where did u get tiger from ??, as u said he is 3 months , didnt the breeder or previous owner start his vacination ??, did u inquire about it ?? did u get any papers -- KCI registration ??
2. who suggested u the vet ??
3. I feel u should check on the vet , its very strange that anybody can monitor 1.antibiotic 2. 8inone 3. anti rabbies plus deworming on a single go
4. If we consider that you were not aware of the vacination schedule , being a vet how could he do so ??
5. the symptoms that u have mentioned seems to be of medicine overdose
6. dont let him dehydrate , i feel more water should be provided as its a better way to get the toxins out of his system ( plz confirm wid the new vet )
7.dont feed him medicines or supplements other then his treatment shedule ( multivitamins, calcium,)
7.I really wonder why u dint take a second option or change the vet even after several recomendation by many people ??
8. plz dont experiment when it comes to medicines and look for a proper vet in ur area
cheers !!! Tiger will be fine and soon u will have a cheerful and energetic campanion

By: gautam sawant | 20 Jan 2010 2:04 am

gautam sawant

Just checked in ur previous posting
did u pay the guy
i wonder person with many pets didnt get the vacination done
didnt guide u ??

By: gautam sawant | 20 Jan 2010 3:05 am


Mr Krishna.
Gone through all your posting and feeling sorry for Tiger.
1. Why after too much request from the dogspot members you stick too long to the vet? Just due to will of your wife to not to change the vet a lot before Tiger is suffering now . You and vet are equally responsible for Tiger's condition.

2. Don't take personally but its fully cruelty to not to change the vet after so many recommendation just for personal liking disliking and ris the life of Tiger.

3. From now on took care of tiger like your own child - they cant speak doesn't man they didnt have life.

4. Use a better vet and take care of him properly.

Whats the status now?

By: Digbijoy | 20 Jan 2010 7:40 am

Phani Krishna

I m feeling a lot guilty and sorry for my ignorance.. the guy from whom I got the puppy wasn't much sure what he had given but he said he didn't get any injection to it... so I thought of getting it vaccinated .. the vet was a fool and I was thinking medicines have changed for good allowing all at once.. mg ignorance again .. the new vet is better... and tiger is on drips 500 ml per day and yesterday he gained 200 gms.. so he is not deteriorating I believe ..
He is still not having food by himself but doc says his fever is down and no blood in motion means his body is recovering from overdose ... he was walking a little yesterday and he didn't resist much when I administered medicines today ... I guess these are signs of him getting better ... we are dying to listen his voice and energy now

By: Phani Krishna | 20 Jan 2010 9:16 am

Phani Krishna

I m feeling a lot guilty and sorry for my ignorance.. the guy from whom I got the puppy wasn't much sure what he had given but he said he didn't get any injection to it... so I thought of getting it vaccinated .. the vet was a fool and I was thinking medicines have changed for good allowing all at once.. mg ignorance again .. the new vet is better... and tiger is on drips 500 ml per day and yesterday he gained 200 gms.. so he is not deteriorating I believe ..
He is still not having food by himself but doc says his fever is down and no blood in motion means his body is recovering from overdose ... he was walking a little yesterday and he didn't resist much when I administered medicines today ... I guess these are signs of him getting better ... we are dying to listen his voice and energy now

By: Phani Krishna | 20 Jan 2010 9:22 am


good , just take care of him and act as per vet - talk to vet on phone when you struck what to do now.

By: Digbijoy | 20 Jan 2010 9:40 am


glad to hear that tiger is slowly getting back to normal. Take good care of him. Don't force him to eat anything. I think providing drip daily will see to the food he needs right now. He will be back to normal once the toxins are out of his body. Don't worry. Tiger will be ok. Don't lose your heart. Fight alongside him.

By: jaimohan | 20 Jan 2010 9:57 am


all the best - praying for your dog's recovery - hope no other pup suffers like this for that vet's ignorance

By: Vikram | 20 Jan 2010 11:29 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Another Sad incident.. Buyers should wake up and NOT get puppies from Brokers/Pet Shops/Millers who even do not recall if the pup has been vaccinated or not.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 20 Jan 2010 11:33 am

Phani Krishna

This fellow is neither of them anil .. he is just another ignorant owner.. i called him, and his mastiff is also having similar issue itseems.. he asked me wat i m doing with my pup !!! such an ignorant b*****d he is... he was feeding the pup with dosa idli and stuff !! i felt like killing him.

we met the vet sometime back.. tiger had his dose of drips (250ml) silently.. an injection (becoz his nose & mouth r running dry) and came back home. Vet said passing motion and vomiting less is a sign of little recovery and told us to stop medication and no more force feeding. Only drips till he starts eating by hmself. He isnt passing blood in motion which is another good sign for us. So waiting for him to eat now.. daily 2 visits to the vet so tht he gets his dose of drips ! that is all we can do itseems

By: Phani Krishna | 20 Jan 2010 11:39 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Ignorant means Puppy Miller.
For Tiger stop getting more ideas how to feed.
Strictly follow what the vet says and if any issue call him up.
Tiger would be fine pretty soon.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 20 Jan 2010 11:44 am

Phani Krishna

yea.. may be a puppy miller... but Tiger is so sweet that we liked him immediately.. i also met few other direct owners, and breeders, but was not impressed with the pets and my wife was afraid of most of them. Tiger just blew us out when we saw him.. My wife was not scared of him, he was so free wheeling with my wife and we just thought papers or no papers, we are giving him life !!
I ll anyway get him registered.. so he can be a good father for a registered pup later :)... we hav so many plans for our tiger yar.. tht fellow should just get well soon !!

Vet said he doesnt need another drip in the evening. He told us to feed him coconut water/porridge by force, so that he ll again pass motion tomorrow i guess.

By: Phani Krishna | 20 Jan 2010 11:51 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

KCI registration is simple.let him be hale and healthy then take on that part.
all the best

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 20 Jan 2010 11:53 am

gautam sawant

Hello Mr Krishna
nice to hear that tiger is getting well
I appreciate ur patience and efforts
u r a strong man and doing a good job
cheers !!!!

By: gautam sawant | 20 Jan 2010 2:50 pm

Phani Krishna

yea... but its hard to gauge his health.. he vomitted the whole saline sometime back! i called up the vet, he said "the saline might have got rejected when he drank water and vomited"... he ll give another dose of drips in the evening and also a dose of homeo it seems. This fellow is not even drinking water now... Homeo should help him, but i am afraid to see if the condition aggravates due to homeo. but even the vet is trying all he can i believe!! Divine intervention should be the best for tiger now

By: Phani Krishna | 20 Jan 2010 2:55 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

if possible have a telecon suggestion from Dr Jimmy New Delhi DR.J.J.RAPPAI


Dr Manish http://www.animalcarendogsurge ry.com/

Both are great Vets.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 20 Jan 2010 3:02 pm

gautam sawant

dont worry
whre is tiger at home or clinic
does someone stay wid him ??

By: gautam sawant | 20 Jan 2010 3:18 pm

Phani Krishna

Just called up Mr Anil Saxena ... from the website given by anil.. he said he will talk to the vet in the evening if we go and give him a call from there. He said this condition is little tricky to treat, but very much in control ! I was happy listening to him... I just hope the vet in blr listens to this guy and does wat is told !!

as of now, my wife is sitting with tiger and always with him. yesterday i was with him. He is at home now... will be going to the clinic in the evening at about 5.30pm... i hope Dr. Anil Saxena will be a blessing in disguise

By: Phani Krishna | 20 Jan 2010 3:33 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Dr Saxena is man with Golden hands. His Suggestions are worth penning down. His Father is a great vet too. I consult them whenever need arises.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 20 Jan 2010 3:46 pm

arsh sharma



i have gsd named ceaser. he is now 13 months old. i used costly but effective medicines. if u have any medicine market in ur town then u can get them with some discount.

By: arsh sharma | 21 Jan 2010 12:16 am


this definitely is an experience to all of us..What an ignorant vet can do! I feel all of us should learn from this..
Hope TIGER gets well soon..He has become dear to us also..GET WELL SOON TIGER..

By: jaimohan | 21 Jan 2010 11:16 am

Phani Krishna

Hi everybody... This is krishna's wife Divya. Me and tiger just returned back from the vet. Morning's dose of drips is given. Vet said he is getting alright... I checked his weight also. Its increased by 100gms. As suggested by vet in Blr and Dr. Anil saxena, we are not giving him anything to eat and water to drink also so that he doesnt vomit again. Me and krishna are really eagerly waiting to listen to him talk(bark) to us.

We both are happy to see that TIGER has become dear to many now. And many are praying and wishing for his speedy recovery. We told the same to TIGER yesterday that he has love from all over INDIA.

Once again a hearty thanks to all u guys for ur suggestions and advice and also the prayers. We will keep u all updated on tiger's health.

By: Phani Krishna | 21 Jan 2010 11:54 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Divya, nice to hear.. Cheers!!!

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010 11:58 am


good to hear he's recovering

By: Vikram | 21 Jan 2010 1:53 pm

aun mehdi

3 cheers to TIGER! GET WELL SOON ...............

By: aun mehdi | 21 Jan 2010 6:46 pm

arsh sharma


By: arsh sharma | 21 Jan 2010 10:23 pm

Phani Krishna

Hi guys

today is possibly the last drip for tiger :) ... in the evening drip session, the vet had a tough time fixing the needle for iv, and tiger was successful in pulling it off 5 times (he has become aware of it, and little active as well) He is sort of looking better than yesterday, no vomits and only loose motion... Right now he is hell bent on breaking the chain off (he is testing his teeth power on an iron chain !!)

The vet says, feed him water only till tomorrow morning.. and if he doesnt vomit anything, then start feeding porridge/power pup gravy !! btw... i even heard him talk (bark) today !!! Things are definately getting better and thanks to all of you for supporting us and tiger !!

By: Phani Krishna | 21 Jan 2010 10:44 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

chain? do you chain him?

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010 10:45 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

give him plain yogurt..will help in stool

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010 10:47 pm

Phani Krishna

yes... vet has told to chain him down for few days so that he doesnt lose his energy roaming around, and also its not completely safe to smell things around now for him...

so we chain him up at a visible place for us so that we know what he is doing all night... day times he isnt chained ! but i guess if me and my wife go to work, we may have to chain him up till he is grown up (i am against this idea of chaining.. but i guess 6 hrs a day we hav to !!)

By: Phani Krishna | 21 Jan 2010 10:55 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

chaining is BAD. he is already sick and then tied also. get a crate made of big size so that he roam in that box when you are away. else make a room safe for him ie keeping things which he can destroy away from his reach. let him also understand where he is living and feel at home n not in a prison. Leash him when you take him out on walks. My view in home he should be totally free. then only he can be called a family member else a bonded labour..

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010 10:59 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Chaining a dog goes against its natural instincts. Dogs were not meant to be chained. Most become protective of the area around them and in some cases, down right mean, even to their owners. They feel confined, trapped and it drives them crazy. They are harder to train and some appear to be literally un-trainable when really they are just going stir crazy. Most chained dogs will take off on you any chance they can get off the chain. And why not? Coming back means they have to go back on the chain and they want to enjoy the freedom if even for a little while. Not all dogs will be biters and runners if chained, but all dogs would be happier, with a better temperament, if they were not chained.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010 11:05 pm

Phani Krishna

we have a small enclosed garden in the backyard.. it has no plants, but mud and some cemented surface.. is that safe for him ?? we thought we ll tie him till he reaches 6 months and then leave him either in the backyard or the frontyard ie.. to guard !

By: Phani Krishna | 21 Jan 2010 11:07 pm

Phani Krishna

we are not going to chain him up if we leave him in the backyard or frontyard... we are only thinking if tht mud and stuff is safe for him or not !! if that is better than chaining him up... we wud do tht only !

Both me and my wife will be out of house for atleast 6-7hrs a day.. so what is the best thing to do with Tiger during that time ? where do we leave him ?
I guess tomorrow our beloved tiger should be eating something :) we are so excited !!

By: Phani Krishna | 21 Jan 2010 11:24 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

keep him inside..he is too small to be left alone. prepare a room for him...

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010 11:28 pm

Phani Krishna

doing that right now :) ... our bedroom is full of newspapers now .. he he he
thanks a lot anil !!

By: Phani Krishna | 21 Jan 2010 11:31 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

get some toys. search for KONG in petshop. will keep him busy when you are out

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010 11:32 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

if possible i will post few pictures how my babies sleep in my home in couple of days.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010 11:35 pm

Phani Krishna

yeah if u can do that it will be gud.. if that arrangement is comfortable for TIGER we will also follow it

By: Phani Krishna | 21 Jan 2010 11:52 pm


good to hear that TIGER is getting back to normal. Excellent!!

By: jaimohan | 21 Jan 2010 11:53 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

lol...they sleep on my bed only..Tiger is too small to climb up and down the bed. wait for few more days and he will make him comfo himself on your bed. (tip: buy a folding sofa now itself..)

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010 11:54 pm

Phani Krishna

yeah if u can do that it will be gud.. if that arrangement is comfortable for TIGER we will also follow it

By: Phani Krishna | 22 Jan 2010 5:54 am

Phani Krishna

he found his comfort in our bean bag :) fellow tries a lot to get into it.. and again same effort to get out of it !! as of now.. he is having only water, we tried power pup paste and porridge.. but he doesnt seem interested. May be the vet has to look at him again ! but i am sure, today he wont be comfortable takking drips.. his activity wont allow us to drip him i believe

By: Phani Krishna | 22 Jan 2010 7:38 am

Avisek Dasgupta

Mr Krishna,

I have been reading your thread today. I am in Bangalore too and have dogs. The best vet in bangalore is Dr Pawan Kumar. He has his own hospital, Cessna Lifeline in Indiranagar. He is a life saver. Please contact him. Ask any reputable breeder in Bangalore and they will all know Dr Pawan.

By: Avisek Dasgupta | 23 Jan 2010 1:53 am

Phani Krishna

Hi guys !! we are happy now.. Tiger had food today :) yesterday he had little porridge(rava malt) in the evening and today morning we served him pedigree puppy(large breed) and he had taken it... he also had milk in the afternoon. I guess his apettite is back and kicking !! He is not yet active fully (may be becoz he is underweight/undernourished), but he is barking at bigger dogs, moving around etc ...

What should we feed him ? and what should be the timings ? He is having pedigree, so is that fine ?
once again, thanks a lot to everyone over here, we have tiger in good health and most of the help has come from this forum and the guys over here !! dogspot.in ROCKS !!!!

By: Phani Krishna | 23 Jan 2010 7:37 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

kick pedigree out...get a decent food. There is a new brand introduced also sabor from gaubi.com.br Else Royal canin, Euk is there. Pedigree is just a filler..no use feeding it.
BTW stop milk..not good for dogs.
Rest study and read about GSD diet.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 23 Jan 2010 7:50 pm


hi - glad to hear your dog is ok now - just one request - please, please, please do not keep him chained up - it is torture for him - just put yourself in his place and you will know what I mean - you really wouldn't like your life to be restricted to the radius of a six foot chain, would you? The boredom would kill you - it's the same for your dg - and a chained up dog is really no guard dog as he cannot even get at a thief if one breaks into your home :-) So what's the use? Please do not torture him that way

By: Vikram | 27 Jan 2010 5:26 pm

Aditya Collins


By: Aditya Collins | 27 Jan 2010 6:27 pm


ya - unfortunately what seems even worse is that he seems to be planning to leave the dog alone for 6-7 hours everyday - I hope Mr. Phani that you won't be leaving him alone and chained up during that period - if so, I can only feel sorry for the poor dog :-(

By: Vikram | 27 Jan 2010 6:45 pm

Phani Krishna

for those who think i am killing the dog... plz come out of your misconceptions guys! we are parenting a dog and not just owning a dog ! there is a lot of difference in that... obviously we ll be away from tiger for 7 hrs a day, that doesnt mean we ll kill him.. we are doing all that it takes to keep him happy in his bed room.. yes his bedroom... he has a big bed room, a bean bag to rest and toys to play !! only thing he ll miss is our company and thats wat even we are unhappy about, but cant do anything about it...

Right now we are feeding him a mix of royalcanin & pedigree puppy in 40:60 proportion (RC is expensive to be fully fed).. I m thinking of giving him Raw Egg + pedigree thrice in a week for a change ! How would that be ? is it ok/advisable to feed him pedigree & raw egg ?
Now is it the right time to give him calcium & multi vitamin supplements ?

By: Phani Krishna | 27 Jan 2010 11:04 pm

Anil @ DoggiesDude

avoid raw egg..boil it..some dogs are known to be allergic to raw eggs. for supplements etc vet can advise better as he was under intense medical care

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 27 Jan 2010 11:08 pm

gautam sawant

Hello Mr Krishna
its nice to hear that Tiger is recovering
be caution on medicine and supplements ,
do u have any house help who could take care of tiger in ur absence
chaining him for 6-7 hours is not a good idea
instead keep the room free of obstacles and keep things out of his reach
make sure that food and water is available

By: gautam sawant | 28 Jan 2010 2:02 am

Phani Krishna

well samir, we are not chaining him at all !! He is free to roam around all over when we are present, and in our absence he is confined to the basement area where we hav a bean bag on which he sleeps, lots of water n bowls, food in one bowl, few toys and window for ventilation/sunlight/neighboiu r watching !!

I chain him only when I take him out for his daily bathroom session in the morning and evening, thats all !

By: Phani Krishna | 28 Jan 2010 8:18 am

Phani Krishna

I am Phani krishna's wife Divya... I have few things to say to all of u...

We are really thankful to Dogspot who stood with me n krishna when our son (TIGER) was not well. Thanks for all the advises given here.

Well yes first wen we had brought him and he became ill we did nt knw wat to do...dogspot helped us understand tiger saying consider tiger to be ur own son and think wat wud u do...yes we did that and believe me wen i say, I have considered him as my son...

And yes we did chain him last week as per vet's advise... so tht he doesnt move arnd much as he was very weak...will u all agree wen i say every new parent will learn few things after they become parents... the same is the case with us... we studied somethings before bringing tiger to home... and some we are learning now...

both my parents work and i have been left at home from my childhood...in d same way tiger's both parents are working...so he will have to be alone for 6-7hrs a day...but v provide him all he needs during tht time...and once any of us is home...we see to it that atleast one of us will be wid him making him feel we do love him...

Please dnt come to conclusions that we will kill him and all...instead if v do something wrong do advise us...before implementing big things on tiger we are taking suggestions from everywer possible...to check what is gud and wat is bad for him...I appreciate that everybdy is helping us in bringing up our son TIGER in the right way

By: Phani Krishna | 28 Jan 2010 12:01 pm


Glad to hear that Tiger is doing fine now..
When one vet suggested me to inject all the vaccines together to my gsd pup I never went back to him...i knew what he said was wrong bcoz i did a lot of research before bringing Jack home (now he is 11 mnth old)... had i not read about vaccination schedule my pup would have been in the same situation as Tiger...
Anywayz, good luck with ur pup...& plz dont chain him up even if nobody is in the house...I also work fulltime, but never chain him...rather I lock the doors of the rooms in which I dont want him to enter in my absence like my bedrooms & kitchen...but my balcony, dinning & drawing rooms are free for him to explore...& of course he uses my bathroom....in the beginning he did brake one or two paintings but now he is very protective of everything...nobody can touch or move anything except me...

By: Runni | 28 Jan 2010 12:30 pm


While I appreciate that you love your dog and are doing your best for him and trying to provide for him in your absence every day, I would still like to remind you that a dog is by nature social and a pack animal and hates to be alone or separated from other members of his pack ie you. I am sure other dogspot members will bear me out on his too. Ideally no dog should be left alone, and definitely not every day. So (again ideally) you should never have kept a dog in the first place - I am an avid dog lover and very passionate abou dogs but since my hous is empty all day I have not kept a dog. i will only when I know my dog will have company all day - be it a maid or a family member. Please don't think I am setting myself up as a shining example for everyone to follow - just saying that people should only keep a dog if they can provide it company all day and care fo it well. Anyway all the best!

By: Vikram | 28 Jan 2010 12:30 pm


Ohh - and one more point - Divya, please don't compare humans and dogs - they are totally different and have different needs - so while something may be ok for humans it is not necessarily so for dogs.

By: Vikram | 28 Jan 2010 12:33 pm

Aditya Collins


By: Aditya Collins | 28 Jan 2010 1:44 pm

Phani Krishna

Yeah u r right... even wen v r in office v cant stop thinking abt tiger... feeling bad that v left him alone at home... v r luking into options where in i quit my job and do some business from home.. but it will take time... but as of now... my husband is taking work from home once/twice a week to be with tiger...paralelly v r luking out for baby sitting kind of options where in he also learns to get along with other dogs...Also v r trying to make TIGER and our neighbour house Labrador SHAMU friends...so that v can leave tiger with them wen v r away for office

and yes the whole of basement i.e., a big room with bean bag, his small bed, water, food, his play toys and a hall is all for him... wen we are home... he is free to move in d basement and also the rooms upstairs...

and yes we do understand v cannot compare humans and dogs in all aspects...we do it where ever necessary


By: Phani Krishna | 28 Jan 2010 1:47 pm


divya n phani i must say dat u r takin gud care of ur lil baby! i mean quittin ur job to spend tym wid tiger is commendable! dis shows dat ur actually treatin him as ur child... ul b a gud dog parent!! all the best!!!

By: shreyank | 28 Jan 2010 3:30 pm


@Divya and Phani: Fair enough - please do not take anything I have said personally - one meets a lot of people who keep dogs without any idea about how to care for them - I was just concerned about the pup - but I am sure you are doing a good job now - all the best - please post some pix of Tiger so that we can all see him :-)

By: Vikram | 28 Jan 2010 4:34 pm

Aditya Collins

I along with vikram will like to see TIGER'S Latest pic's here ........pls do scrap us back......we all are emotionally involve with TIGER now........may GOD BLESS HIM WITH GOOD HEALTH & U AS GOOD PARENTS ....B'COZ When we adopt a pup we have take his/her responsibility for more than 10-12 yrs....we cannot and should not even think of getting rid or abandon them till the end......... MAY GOD BLESS U BOTH...AND SORRY ONCE AGAIN.

By: Aditya Collins | 29 Jan 2010 8:25 pm

gautam sawant

mr krishna
post his pics
we all are eagar to see him

By: gautam sawant | 01 Feb 2010 12:22 am

Phani Krishna

Hey guys.. sorry for the delay, i could not post the pics immediately as i was busy with some personal work and my wife is not well !!

Tiger has become Hyper Active now (Royal canin at work), and he is chewing on anything that he can reach, pisses on anything that he can get on.. climbs up our bed, diwan etc wen we sleep :)... wakes up my wife if she sleeps while i am awake .. ha ha ha

we feel so sorry for leaving him alone for 7-8hrs a day, but otherwise he is always the hutch dog (following me wherever i go). we decided to feed him more of royal canin maxi till he grows up and then switch over to a less expensive food like nutripet later when he is 1 yr old! I guess its a good decision.

By: Phani Krishna | 01 Feb 2010 9:46 am

Phani Krishna

we are trying to house train tiger with newspapers, but he uses the newspaper only when he is put in an enclosed room (thts when we are sleeping/watchin tv, and he is around us with newspapers on the floor).. other wise he ll jus roam around, find a new bathroom and piss allover !! we are not knowing how to restrict his movements ie.. kitchen & puja room etc where we dont like him sniffing/pissing around !!

yesterday was the worst part.. i patiently cleaned and mopped the whole house with disinfectant, and tiger waits eagerly for me to finish, and then pisses in bedroom & kitchen... giving me more exercise !! How to make this fellow learn its not ok to piss around like that ??

By: Phani Krishna | 01 Feb 2010 9:50 am


I just saw his pics...he looks alright...good to know that he is doing his puppy things...
Just love him as much as u can....

By: Runni | 01 Feb 2010 9:50 am

Phani Krishna

By The Way, guys, i have updated the photographs of tiger.. the one which has him sleeping on the bean bag, was taken when he was seriously ill.. the first pic is the latest, u can notice he has put on some weight.. i m feeling him heavy to lift now! may be he increased by atleast 1 or 1.5kg ! thts my assumption

By: Phani Krishna | 01 Feb 2010 9:52 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Well if budget is an issue there is a new feed sold by Pfizer now a days Sabor Vida of Brazil. Its equally good and about half the price of RC. You can surely give it a try.

Enjoy Canine FatherHood.

BUT we all need photos of DogSpot TIGER..

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 01 Feb 2010 9:53 am

Phani Krishna

Hey anil.. Photos are up.. updated in my profile, I dont know if i have done it right or not.. I have added Tiger as my dog in my profile ! plz check them out

Will take a look at Sabor Vida ! I think i saw it, its about Rs.230/kg while RC is about 350/kg !! I thought if i mix 8kg RC with 20kg nutripet... That should giv him enough nutrients, wats your suggestion in this ?

By: Phani Krishna | 01 Feb 2010 9:57 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Nutripet is CRAP..nothing i n it. Just forget about it

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 01 Feb 2010 10:01 am


Well....its just the beginning of cleaning...lol
I can share some tips I followed for my pup...be patient & consistent....he will learn within 1-2 weeks
1)Keep a close watch, the moment he gears up to do it say a loud "NO", pick him up & put him at a particular place where u want him to do it...this place should be same everytime
2)After every nap, play time & meal, pick him up & put at his "toilet"..u can also say in a encouraging voice any command like "do it" or "go potty"...if he does it reward him immediately (give a dog biscuit of his choice)
3)If he does the dirty thing at wrong place, then clean that place to remove the odour...do his when he is not watching...
4)Everytime he uses his "toilet", reward him without any delay
5)Put a newspaper/cloth soaked with his urine at that intendent toilet place...that will encourage him to use that place
6)First choose any room like ur bedroom & then start to feed him there, he wont like to piss where he eats...once he stops pissing there follow the same for other rooms....restrich him in the room here he doesnt do it & then frequently take him to his "toilet"

If u follow these steps carefully, ur pup will be trained quickly...Jack (my pup) was toilet trained in 5 days..

By: Runni | 01 Feb 2010 10:02 am

Phani Krishna

oo... I have 1Kg of nutripet & 2Kgs of pedigree left.. I ll exchange the nutripet packet with saborvida ... i have to do with pedigree coz its already opened! ofcourse i m feeding him with 50:50 mix of RC & pedigree now.. later i ll mix SaborVida with RC !! so do u suggest Sabor Vida ? is it better than pedigree & is it advisable ? coz i believe its new in the market

By: Phani Krishna | 01 Feb 2010 10:04 am

Phani Krishna

i dont think he ll not piss where he eats !!! coz we see him pissing almost close to his food/water bowl !! just about 3 feet away he ll do it.

yea.. the problem is we dont monitor him for 8 hrs a day thru weekdays, so its difficult to be consistent wit him! we have spread newspapers dipped of his toilet all round our bedroom where he sleeps in the night, so he pisses on the news paper.. we tried not putting any news paper in a small area, and fortunately he didnt use that !!
but out of bedroom, theres no limit for him bathroom !!thats the problem

By: Phani Krishna | 01 Feb 2010 10:09 am


Thats a good thing that he uses the newspaper & doent use the area without papers...try incresing that area(without newspaper) gradually...
Encouage him to use newapaers only...treat him if he uses them....& try to prevent him from doing it all over when u r at home....also select an area wher u want him to do it...put papers there...put him there after dinner...if he does it give him a treat...& of course NO treat & a loud "NO" for doing it at wrong place...it will take tiime...but surely he will learn

By: Runni | 01 Feb 2010 10:15 am

Phani Krishna

after dinner (once at 6pm & once at 10.30pm) i take him out for walk immediately and he poops out both the times :) later in the night at abt 2.30 he poops & pees in the bedroom on papers.. i wake up to say him gud boy & giv him a biscuit !

later again early morning 6 o clock, he ll have food and comes out for a walk & poop again outside only... after that he poops at 9.30 onces and afternoon sometime once ... which we dont monitor... and pees a lot, coz he drinks like a tank

By: Phani Krishna | 01 Feb 2010 10:24 am


Treat him immediately when he poops outside, carry some treat with u when going for walk...
As he is on comercial food, drinking a lot is must...try to find out if he shows any sign before peeing..like sniffing extensively, circeling a lot, etc...if u can find out any signal related to pissing, then u can quickly pick him up & put either on newspaper or take him outside...my pup sniffs a lot before pissing...so whenever I found him sniffing a lot I would quickly pick him up & put outside...now he drags me towards the door!!!

By: Runni | 01 Feb 2010 10:31 am

Phani Krishna

yes.. I am doing that since two days now !! i ll update you guys after a week, and tell you how he is shaping up physically & mentally !

i hope he learns the house training quick .. so that i dont lose my patience

By: Phani Krishna | 01 Feb 2010 10:49 am

Anil @ DoggiesDude

Runni has explained excellent. Follow and Tiger would learn very fast

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 01 Feb 2010 10:50 am


Be consistant..he wll learn...keep updating

By: Runni | 01 Feb 2010 10:50 am

Never buy a puppy from a pet store, veterinary doctor or a backyard breeder. Read this blog http://woofindia.wordpress.com . Post your query there and he will help you. Best guy in India.

take care

By: | 09 May 2012 2:57 pm

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