My Labrador puppy is now 45 days old.
* Doctors suggested to give 15 granuels of Royal Canin baby food when puppy was 35 days old.
* on the 36th-37th day puppy started loose motions then he has cough.
* Now everything is fine...I am giving him egg/cerelac+Royal Canin 15 granuels.
Very honestly Iam not able to understandRoyal Canin chart for puppy food, or I am getting confused.
Please tell me how much Royal canin shall I feed to my puppy? in granuels...
* Please suggest What are other options for me now? Can i give Brown rice?

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KamalRaj J Kuppal

As you have puppy of 45 days, you need to feed him 4 times a day i.e. Feed him about 150-175 gm (Royal Canin Starter) per day divided into 4 meals Mix yogurt in it. Dont give egg, brown rice and cerelac. It would be also good if you powered the royal canin starter and mix it with curd and give him.

By: KamalRaj J Kuppal | 28 Dec 2010 10:22 am

sunil sehgal

Yes, crushed royal canin starter is very good and easily digestible. You can also give approx. 40-50 gms food soaked in luke warm water (not hot) for about 15 -20 minutes and make a paste of it and then add a little more water (make slurry) for the pup to accept it.

By: sunil sehgal | 09 Jan 2011 10:34 pm

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