I recently was gifted a saint Bernard by my frend, he's only 47 days old. the frend who gave me has left abroad Nd I couldn't talk to her about food, she had adviced me to feed him every four hours with royal canin starters. but wen I look at t I feel like I'm feeding him more for a day that too with curd each time, we had dogs before Nd mom used to take care of their food, now since tonight I feel like he has cold Nd running nose, I also was gifted with a 2 months old pom teddy but I'm aware of his diet as this frend guides me, but I'd really appreciate if someone helped me a diet chart for a large breed, the vet I consult doesn't seem to know much abt Scotch's diet. I wish I had friends who had saint Bernard too, I really wanna give him a good soup for his cold but is it advisable? pls help me out here..

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Amit Tiwari

Your friend was right. You have to feed such little puppy every 4 hours. First meal should be given as soon as possible in the day I.E. 6-7 in the morning and avoid feeding after 11 PM. Curd may be causing cold or it may be change in home as well. My pug is also just 2+ months old and she had cold few days back and doc suggested few drops of citragen syrup (2 times a day). Just take syrup in bottle cap and drop near his/her jaw. My baby pug is so foodie that I just had to show her the bottle and she just love to drink herself.

By: Amit Tiwari | 09 Oct 2013 11:52 pm

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