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Buying A Rampur Hound

10 Aug 2009 | by PAWS n CLAWS KENNEL | Posted in: Wag Wiki

If you are willing to keep a Rampur Hound as a pet then please buy a Rampur Hound from a person who is breeding this rare breed for years and who has shown it at shows. The actual Rampur Hound is sleek and thin, its muzzle is thin and long not flat and broard. the tail should be thin and long. the dog should have very small hair and not long hair.  Please note as the Rampur Hound is a rare breed there are not many breeders. Many try to breed the Rampur Hound  but dont breed the actual one is sted breed the wrong one and buyers land up buying the wrong thing and then getting upset with the breed and breeder so please take your time and select the right Rampur Hound. For any details on Rampur Hounds you can contact  us.



Dinkar Singh
Are you the one breeding and showing them. I thought the true rampur hound is no longer there its all a mixture etc.

If you do have them can you send me pictures of your dogs and also tell me more about their pedigree or where you have got them etc. The so called rampur family does not have any nor are they interested in this Indian breed developed by their ancestors.

By: Dinkar Singh | 11 Aug 2009

manjit sharma
hi friends...first thing i want to know the actual breed standard of rampur hound..and one thing who had discovered that rampur hound is sleek n thin..i want to know.

By: manjit sharma | 20 Aug 2009

An ethical breeder would never recommend a Rampur hound to a flat owner, that too when the owner has not mentioned any past experience with dogs.

By: Ravinder | 22 Aug 2009

Dinkar Singh
Can you send me pictures of these dogs that you have mentioned above, and these breeders should exhibit these dogs more in dog shows all over.

By: Dinkar Singh | 27 Aug 2009

manjit sharma
The general appearance of Rampur Hound is a strongly built but graceful dog with well muscled long neck.he is strong mascular active dog of good temperament free from all coarseness and capable of great endurance with a fair amount of speed.its back is broad and exceptonally muscular with slightly arched loin.the skull is long and lean and flat on top tapering to the muzzle.muzzle is long and powerful,ears are small n rose shaped.rampur hound is robust but not too haviely boned.this is strongly built sighthound with great strenght and stamina..not a THIN dog....coat is short dense and sleek looking and easy to keep clean.

By: manjit sharma | 28 Aug 2009

Dinkar Singh
It would be nice if you can post pictures of these different Indian breeds on this website to give a better understanding of the breeds and differences.

By: Dinkar Singh | 28 Aug 2009

Dinkar Singh

By: Dinkar Singh | 30 Aug 2009

Dinkar Singh
Good memory!

By: Dinkar Singh | 30 Aug 2009

manjit sharma
i also got a rott from trivendram..carring roopika kennls at the age of two years he died cos of excess nasal bleeding.

By: manjit sharma | 30 Aug 2009

Benny Kennels
Manjit can you just give us the link for your orkut account. I could not reach through the email you have given.

By: Benny Kennels | 01 Sep 2009

i want to buy rampur hound if possible plz help me out

By: prateek | 08 Sep 2009

Rahul Kadam
Manjeet Sharma you claim to be a very honest breeder but you are in the habit of giving puppies(Rampur?/Greyhound) and when it comes to giving the papers you stop answering the phone. I suppose all your info on the Rampur is as credible as you are. stop cheating people!
Even those so called Rampurs of yours are not even worthy of being called decent greyhounds. They have roached backs and poor conformations.
I have grown up with mudhol hounds and bred many generations so if you want to debate sighthounds or ethics of breeding I am ready.
Talking of ethics you are the same person who used Shar pei photos from the net and claimed they are your Akhta tazis! Shame on you!

By: Rahul Kadam | 21 Oct 2009

manjit sharma
I think you are a broker rahul....if you are creating this new nonsence for some brakrage or kind of blakmailing then forget it from me! cos mr vincent called me last week from chennai,he was also facing same , a guy mr venkat from banglore had written same things about him, n he is also a broker like you,mr vincent told me this.
so try to consume your energr in some good work,or creative word,dont waste your time for brokerage or very sadly our dog line is full of pips n brokers.

By: manjit sharma | 21 Jan 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
As it implies the BUYER is the main culprit who tries to save some bucks by going to broker/pet shops.
Dogspot has been allowing blogs to be published about the same subject. If people still do not realise, the portal is not responsible.
Whenever a pup is bought from such source it creates space for another pup. Hence if buying is stopped they too will slowly vanish.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
bhai even if Dogspot bans them they very easily give ads in classified on other portal. Just google for Poddarkennels and see he has posted in each and every place possible with nearly all the breeds in India. Since there are few posting here on him and visitors if they search in google can reach these blog and understand about. Sometimes publicity for negative things also work. If these blogs were not allowed how would such incident come into picture. In my view its a positive step to let people know if any wrong doings are happening.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Yes according to me buyers at fault. No decent guy buys shirts sold for 40 INR on road but prefer brand and quality worth couple of thousand. Same applies when buying a dog. Now since Dog field people are learning (thanks to Net Boom in India), hopefully in coming times, people will become more aware.
As far as Ricardo is concerned, he replied to questions posted on him. Poddar guy has still not replied so far.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
bhai unless such incidents are posted how do you think people would be aware of him? I guess now people visiting this portal will avoid dealing with him. Maybe it spreads further mouth by mouth.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Dogspot has the moderation format applicable and i am sure DS keeps on deleting unwanted posts by Poddarkennels. These are Admin rights which i guess no portal discusses in open. even few of my blogs which were not satisfying the norms of DS were not published. If DS had given free hand to post blog, i promise one would had to dig a lot to find some nice blogs, Poddarguys would have flooded DS with their puppies.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010

Hi Siddhaant, Please do not put same text again and again in your comments- it will be read as spam.
Regards- Moderator

By: Admin | 21 Jan 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Bhai would request to list some steps which would stop people like him (Poddarkennels). According to me banning will not serve the purpose

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jan 2010

Hey Siddhaant, I believe I have met you in Delhi Dog Show last year at stall.
You have been running one of the best sites in Indian dogdom, and I assume you understand challenges very well. We prevent to publish lot of bad content.
Highly appreciate your contribution and making people aware. DogSpot is not just a static website it is rather a platform in collaboration with knowledgable people like you, here DogSpot is just a facilitator and we encourage your participation for spreading awareness.
Looking forward to your support.

By: Rana Atheya | 21 Jan 2010

Hi Siddhaant, The very reason why we haven’t made DogSpot a paid platform is because we still feel that the pet owners do need a convenient and inexpensive medium to share and learn from experiences. It will be a great discussion to be taken offline.
As regards the Core issue you have been a breeder yourself and I am sure would have been involved with not one but definitely with more than a case or two where something or the other would have gone wrong in the transaction. A reputable breeder is known to correct it and others don’t. On this open forum on DogSpot there have been many such blogs shared where such fraudulent/wrong transactions have been brought to light. Yet at the same time we reserve a right to control personal and extremely derogatory content to maintain the decorum of the site for the benefit of its users.

By: Rana Atheya | 21 Jan 2010

Dr Saurabh
@siddharth- i can very well understand ur point here but ur problem is not new and i am sure wont be last either.u have put ur problem on open forum to let other ppl knw ,its gr88..but what can admin do here???in this dogdom its one ppl word against other ppl word becoz the innocent puppy is not gng to speak up.just try to understand admin position here wid a cool head and if u have any suggestions pls put forward..thanks

By: Dr Saurabh | 22 Jan 2010

@SIDDHANT... UR blog is very much true hope all the pet lovers read this.. its not only about poddar kennel but also many puppy mills who name them self as kennels. i am interested in buying a rottweiler but no idea where to buy. but if i am buying mastiff i am going for collosus kennel. can u help me of whr to but the best rotty..

By: deepesh | 21 Oct 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Look for Dinakar Singh. He has quality Rotts

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Oct 2010

@anil- whr does he stay?? how much does it cost?? and how much does a french mastiff cost??

By: deepesh | 21 Oct 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
He is a member here. Just look out for his name.Regarding DDB see

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Oct 2010

rotty anywhere in chennai or south india??

By: deepesh | 21 Oct 2010

hi frends...,Rampur hound is stilll kept.for guard purpose in outskirts village of rampur(u.p) by villagers.its still very much appreciated dog in rampur.I broght a puppy from there....but i returned it becoz i was too busy in my studies and it required plenty of excercise and attention......The name of village is NAGRI

By: AKBAR | 08 Jul 2011

Hello Manjit and all the Dog Lovers,
I am very new to this site and just created this ID for the sake of a healthy discussion over here on Rampur Hounds. I am from Jaipur and have some business in Ajmer (Raj). Recently I found true Aseel hounds over there in interior villages which are still breed by the Hunters over there. They are very rare and hard to find. They are all together same as of Rampur dogs, but when confirmed if they are Rampur, they declined and said it to be Aseel. I want to know what are they exactly and their origin as I even I am planning to adopt a pup soon. It would be gr8 if you could provide me your no and Mr Irshad Khan no also, so that I can discuss about these hounds. Please msg me.

By: AnirudhJag | 05 Dec 2011

Rafiq Yusuf Kalsekar
Hi Guys,
I am interested in buying a Rampur Hound Pup , Could somebody suggest a genuine breeder with whom i could deal with. What would be reasonable price of a pure breed pup. My

By: Rafiq Yusuf Kalsekar | 06 Dec 2011

Rafiq Yusuf Kalsekar
Dear Manjit Bhai,
Can you please provide contact details of Mr Irshad Ali Khan-Lucknow.
Will be very grateful.

By: Rafiq Yusuf Kalsekar | 06 Dec 2011

Hello All,

Please look at these pics.

Is this really a Rampur Hound? It's a male and I've had it for 14 years.

By: swirlcore | 11 Feb 2012

Mr Manjit and all Rampur Hound lovers i am from kolkata and wish to have a puppy of this breed could u plz guide to get a good one...uj

By: uj | 28 Mar 2012

Plz give suggestion and information on Rampur Hound as i am a novice. cont at

By: uj | 28 Mar 2012

dr ajay rathore
hi,manjitji i saw pics of ur tazi hound and rampur hound.they r very good

By: dr ajay rathore | 01 Feb 2013

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