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10 Amazing Scientific Discoveries about Dogs, unknown even to Dog Lovers!!

27 Oct 2015 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Dogs are best known for being loyal, loving and caring, but do you know that there are quite a number of facts about dogs much lesser known to us dog lovers? Some of these are quite fascinating!


Here are 10 incredible scientific discoveries about dogs:

# 10: Dogs have 3 eyelids! Just like people, they also have top and bottom eyelids that move up and down. And apart from these, they also have one that originates in the corner of the eye, and moves side to side. It's purpose is for clearing mucus and debris!

# 9: Dogs really do love their humans! There's scientific proof of this. MRI scans revealed that when presented with the scents of various humans and furries, the reward centers of the dogs' brains are most responsive to the smells of their human companions!

# 8: They are as smart as human toddlers! Specially designed IQ tests show that our doggies are as capable as ourl 2-year-olds. That means they're capable of learning over 150 words and signs/gestures!

# 7: Doggie paws often smell like corn chips! There's some debate as to whether the particular scent is actually like popcorn or corn chips, but then either way it's cause is the bacteria that dogs pick up while walking about.

# 6: Dogs possess the super power of night vision! Well not really cat-level, but then much superior to us. Their pupils are larger and their central retinas have more cells dedicated to light sensitivity than to color detection!

# 5: Every Dog's nose is unique! The Canadian Kennel Club has been using nose-prints as a means of individual identification since the 1930s! And many organizations have followed suit!

# 4: Doggies most likely dream! And there is an abundance of support backing this claim. It is attributed to the electrical impulses during the deep sleep stage!

# 3: Fur isn't just about warmth in the winters! In the summer it acts as insulation which shields body from heat. Fur also protects the skin from the sun's damaging rays!

# 2: They really do listen when you talk! And well, they also understand a lot of what's being said. While they're not able to decipher the words, they can interpret certain sounds and the message's overall emotional tone!

# 1: Dogs don't sweat as humans! That's largely because rather than having sweat glands all over the bodies like us, dogs only have them in their paws. Hence to cool off, they rely mostly on panting!

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