10 cutest dog breeds you have never heard of

20 Jun 2016 | by Deepshikha Tahiliani | Posted in: Breeds

“Oh, how cute is your dog!”, “I love my dog, he is so darn cute.” These are the lines that you hear most of the times from a dog lover. Each pooch has its own looks and unique personalities. Just when you think that you have seen all the cute pooches, another breed comes out of nowhere and makes us believe that cuteness exists in all shapes and sizes. Here we are with a list of 10 cute dog breeds you might not have heard of. Check them out!


1. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen


Image Source: www.tiptopglobe.com

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is similar to wirehaired Basset hound. Thos Basset Griffon looks adorable and is social. These extrovert pooches turn out to be great family dogs.


2. Löwchen


Image Source: animalia-life.com

The Löwchen aka Little Lion dog is cute and is considered to be the rarest dog breed in the world. The name of their breed comes from hairstyle which is lion-cut. They are generally counted as happy and friendly dogs. They are obedient and agile enough to do well in sports.


3. Tibetan Spaniel


Image Source: animal.discovery.com

The Tibetan Spaniel is self-confident and small. This one is not spaniel but are related to Pekingese and Tibetan Terrier. They excel in being lapdogs.


4. Boykin Spaniel


Image Source: www.woofipedia.com

Boykin Spaniel has his home in South Carolina, USA. This one is basically a small gun mutt that is used for hunting. Considered as great family dogs, they are active and are social.


5. Lagotto Romagnolo


Image Source: www.dogchannel.com

Lagotto Romagnolo is another hunting dog, which is basically used as the water-retrieving gun dog. Popular as affectionate dogs, they aren’t lazy at all.


6. Norfolk Terrier


Image Source: animalia-life.com

Norfolk Terrier is popular but they are so adorably cute. They are independent, fearless and again we would say, super cute!


7. Russian Spaniel


Image Source: www.gopetsamerica.com

Russian Spaniel is a result of cross breeds of a number of spaniel breeds. They are not only cute but fun-loving and active. They make wonderful family companions.


8. Pumi


Image Source: 2puppies.com

Pumi comes from Hungary and is basically a farm dog. Small yet cute, they are affectionate and very active.


9. Biewer Terrier


Image Source: www.bieweryorkies.co.za

Biewer Terrier is a direct offspring of Yorkshire Terrier. Biewer Terrier is similar to them but is cuter. They are extroverts, affectionate and come out to be adorable family pets.


10. Russian Toy


Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Russian Toy is counted amongst the smallest dog breeds around the globe. Originally bred as watchdogs and ratters, they do the best job at being toy pooches.


All of them made us go Awww. Tell us which one is your favorite amongst these.