10 Dog Breeds which have the Cutest Puppies in the World!

24 Mar 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Don't we all just love puppies? How many times have we gone all 'AWWWW' just looking at them in a park/ walking on the footpath/ looking out of the car etc.? We bring to you some of the most adorable puppies of the world!!

#1 – Golden Retriever

We just had to start with these special pups. Something about them makes every person smile. You can't walk by without pickin up EVERY GOLDEN PUPPY you meet. And ohh their fur, nothing feels this soft. And their cute lil ears flapping in front of their face!!!



#2 – Pug

How can your heart not COMPLETELY MELT after looking into those deep deep eyes! Their unusual yet perfect face makes them extremely eye-catchy. And ohh, they look good in every dress that has ever been made!



#3 –  Labrador Retriever

Need we even describe the level of cuteness of lab puppies? On a scale of 0-10, they'll still be a 100! How they feel when you pick them up and kiss their head. LOVELY is a word to use for their noses!! Over-dose of cuteness!



#4 - Rottweiler

And well, if you see the full grown rotty, you'll never guess how tiny and cute he looked once upon a time. That smartness in the eyes never left their eyes even when they were babies, SO DAMN CUTE!



#5 - Husky 

The entire world has seen the cute husky videos, and been like 'I want one of those, no, I want them all!!' Actually no words can describe them. Truly the cutest lil puppies with the most special eyes!



#6 – Pomeranian

As a puppy, this breed looks like a little teddy bear. Right guys?? Their fluffy coat, tiny ears, and round eyes make it impossible to not want to pick them up and cuddle them. And looking away is so difficult!



#7 - Beagle

Now, this is something that is not only cute, but also damn pretty! Yes, look at the wonderful colours!! And oh those eyes. Anything more special than the glittering eyes of a puppy?



#8 – Saint Bernard

Those big paws, covered in extra soft fur, make the Saint Bernard puppy one of the cutest of the giant breeds. The “sad eyes” don’t hurt, either. If they could stay that size fur-EVER!



#9 - German Shephards

Ya really? You think they bite? Well when they're that age, their cuteness will simply compensate for all the danger in their eyes!! What is more cute than this!!!


#10 – Bulldog

Oh, they're one handsome breed with a wonderful sense of family! So, why not call him cute and then plan to take him home away from other people!! Those wrinkles have simply taken all the possible ways to steal hearts with lots of dog love!!




Hope you enjoyed the dose of happiness!

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