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10 Dogs For Hot Climates That You Should Consider

28 May 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

With the recent trend of getting a purebred puppy based solely on the looks of the breed has resulted in dire consequences in many cases. Lately, St. Bernards, Siberian Huskies and other snow-type dogs are becoming extremely popular in urban families for their looks and fur.


What most of us fail to consider is the wellness of these breeds when they live in climates like India during the summer. A common retort to this has been, “I turn on the AC for them all day during summer”. Although highly considerate as an owner, an air conditioner can only marginally compensate for the natural temperature that prevails almost reaching heights of over 40 degrees Celsius.


In order to spread awareness and easing the life of our beloved pooches, we have compiled a list of dog breeds that will be more suitable for areas where temperature exceeds some extreme standards during summers.



1. Greyhound

One of the oldest as well as the fastest breed of dog known to man, the English Greyhound has a very short coat which makes it adaptable to warmer climates. With their gentle disposition and silent temperament, they are suitable for all types of owners.

Greyhound Source: https://www.photomazza.com/

2. Indian Pariah Dog

The primeval breed of dog that is naturally occurring in many rural areas of India is primitive to our country. Many people mistake them for the mutts and mongrels that we see roaming the streets. But this breed has its own form of pedigree where  none of the other Western breeds have been mixed into them over the years.


Indian Pariah DogSource: Wordpress



3. Dogo Argentino

Developed in South America, this extravagant looking breed was bred to hunt wild boar and puma in packs. Seeing that Argentina is also in the tropical regions with average temperature ranging from 8 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius annually; Dogos (aka Argentinian Mastiff) are susceptible to both hot and cold climates.


Dogo Argentino Source: https://ourworldofdogs.com/



4. Chihuahua

One of smallest dog breeds known to man, this miniscule creature is fast growing in popularity amongst mostly feminine dog owners. Developed in Mexico, Chihuahuas can tolerate heat much better than the average dog breed. The temperament of these dogs however, is not ideal for small children.

Chihuahua Source: https://www.dogbreedinfo.com/

5. Azawakh

Another sighthound breed that is known to be bred by the nomadic tribes of Saharan and Sub-saharan Africa, their genetic composition allows them to be more suitable to warmer regions than colder ones. This breed is quite uncommon in Europe and North America, although some aficionados are slowly catching onto their devotion.


AzawakhSource: www.azawakh.nl



6. Xoloitzcuintli

Originating in Mexico, this is a breed of hairless dog that comes in toy, miniature and standard sizes. Relatively rare compared to other breeds of dogs, Xoloitzcuintli has archeological traces as far back as 3,000 years ago. Hairlessness gives these dogs a survival advantage in tropical regions but proper skin care including sunscreen needs to be applied regularly.


Xoloitzcuintli Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/


7. Chinese Crested

Another similar breed, the Chinese Crested does not actually originate from China. The speculative traces have been debated between Africa and South America for these dogs. They can come in two varieties, Hairless and Powderpuff (some hair) even in the same litter.

Chinese Crested Source: www.allsmalldogbreedsinfo.com


8. Indian Mastiff

This highly unknown breed of dog is possibly one of the most adaptable to hot climates along with the Indian Pariah. Bred to withstand more than 40 degrees in the Indian summer, the fearless Indian Mastiff is an excellent guard for warm regions.

Indian Mastiff Source: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/

9. Weimaraner

Known as the ‘Grey Ghost’; this majestic breed belongs to the Pointer group and was developed to hunt large game including boar, deer and bear. Due to their short grey coat, they are supposed to be suitable to warmer climates to an extent. Their eye colour is also grey or bluish grey.


WeimaranerSource: https://www.heartlandweimrescue.org/




10. Basenji

Originating in Africa as early as 3600 BC, this dog has many unique characteristics in addition to its tolerance to heat. Also known as Barkless Basenji, they make a low ululating sound instead of the generic bark that we associate with all dogs. Other special features include cat-like cleaning habits as well as the ability to climb trees and fences.


BasenjiSource: https://animalsadda.com/

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