10 Dogs That Won't Let You Eat Your Dinner

09 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Funny Posts

Food is love, love is food, and also love is dogs. There are times when you are having your dinner and your pup goes all puppy dog eyes. At that moment you can’t help but share your food with your dog. Sometimes, your dog gives you the LOOK, which could be interpreted as “Mummy ne sharing nahi sikhai?” Well, you can’t do anything but go halves with your dinner.

Here are 10 dogs that really really REALLY want YOUR dinner. Oh please give it to them!


1. Are those chicken nuggets?


Image Source:


Even if they aren’t, I want them!


2. Share and God will Bless you!


Image Source:


Don’t you want any blessings?

3. I see you are having Dinner.


Image Source:


Without me! Huh!


4. I think you were looking for me !


Image Source:


I know it's Dinner time and I am here!!


5. So close, yet so far!


Image Source:


How I love you!


6. Pizzzaaa!!!


Image Source:


Pizza is made for sharing, don’t you think so?


7. Half and Half, Right?


Image Source:


You are a Good Hooman!


8. You said I’m a good boy!


Image Source:


Now SHARE !!!!


9. I am here, don't worry.


Image Source :


Take your time, you can feed me in next 10 seconds! No problem at all.


10. You KNOW that I love your food.


Image Source:


Let me eat your food and you can have mine later. Promise!


Dogs are delightful in every way be it when they are playing, snuggling, nuzzling, or asking for your food. You can’t help but give in to the situation. Send us pictures where you pup is blackmailing you with his puppy dog eyes and asking for your food. We are sure, those pictures will be a delight to see.

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