10 Dogs Who Are Superheroes In Real Life

24 May 2016 | by Abhinav unot | Posted in: Wag News

Forget Batman and Superman, forget the Marvel's Avengers. Dogs are the real superheroes. Don't be fooled by their small size, they have the heart and courage of a lion. Ever thought what it would be like to meet a real superhero? You would be awed by the tales of their bravery and their selfless do-good attitude.

Let's meet them, shall we?



No. 10 Blue 

There is always some tussle between Aussies and their Alligators, this particular incident also happened to involve an Australian catle dog . Ms. Ruth Gay, an 85 year old woman was walking her dog behind her home when she fell and a fearsome gator threatened to attack. But before the animal could reach dangerous proximity, Blue jumped into action and tackled with the reptile long enough for Ms. Gay to stand up and get to safe distance. Luckily, both Ms. Gay and Blue survived and made full recoveries all thanks to the heroics of Blue.



No. 9 Neo

This Siberian Husky was a mere 11 month old dog when he saved his human from a possible fatal hypoglycemic shock. Neo, on sensing trouble ran to the nearest building where he barked off a frenzy and gathered the attention of many. Neo then ran to the place where his human, Ms. Marci Snead had fallen. An ambulance was called for and within moments she was taken to a nearby hospital where she made complete recovery, all thanks to Neo 'the star'.



yellow labra


No. 8 Roselle

There are many heroic stories from the 9/11 tragedy, one that stands out is of Roselle, a yellow labrador who became the saviour of one Micheal Hingson. Michael was on the 78th floor of the World Trade Centre when tragedy struck. The builiding was filled with choking smoke and was moments from collapsing when Roselle guided Michael to a stairwell and to safety moments before the tower collapsed. The story shows the courage of the labrador who went on eventhough she was panting heavily and was extremely thristy.



No. 7 Belle

This amazing story tells how Belle, a Beagle, who bit into the keypad of her human's phone to dial 911 when Kevin Weaver, her human, suddenly collapsed of a seizure. Kevin later recounted, 'there's no doubt in my mind that I'd be dead if I didn't have Belle'. Belle then became the first dog to win the VITA's Wireless Samaritan Award. Way to go, Belle.



No.6  Junior

Don't be fooled by the dimunitive size of this puppy. What he did was colossal on every level. This pooch, a 14 month old Shiatsu mix at the time, woke everyone in the Davilmar household by barking relentlessly when a fire broke out in the house. 'Junior' kept on barking unitl everyone was up and out of the house. No one was injured and Junior saved nearly a dozen lives.



No. 5 Kankuntu

There are times, when dogs think of themselves as sabertooths. This incident is just one of those times. When Peter Lee's 41 foot yacht was hijacked by a group of armed pirates, Kankuntu leapt right into the midst of the action and ferociously attacked the intruders until one of the pirates shot and stabbed the dog right in the shoulder blade. Miraculously the dog made full recovery, the pirates were not able to do any harm and the voyage continued.

german wolf


No.4 Shana

It is not everyday that you hear of a Dog who saved an elderly couple from a hazardous snow storm. Shana, half Wolfdog and half German Shepherd, saw Eden and Norman, trapped in the snow storm, she did what she did best. She dug and dug to create a tunnel and pull out the couple into their safe haven. The story became very popular and was even part of the FOX NEWS, where readers became familiar with the heroic tale.

black labra


No.3  Katrina

It is nothing short of an irony that the Black Labrador that rescued a drowning man when the horrific Hurricane 'Katrina' hit the Southern American states. Katrina, the dog, was not successful in saving the life of the man as the rising waters claimed his life, the dog herself was later rescued by rescue teams and was awarded Genesis Award that year with astounding applause. Something to cheer for in hard times for people down in the Southern states of America.



No. 2  Moti

Cometh the hour, cometh the dog, the saying has to be altered for the brave German Shepherd, Moti as he literally leaped to take a bullet for his human family. When a masked in truder broke into the Patel household, little did he know that he will come face to face with the wrath of the five year-old Moti who attacked the stranger and set off on a barking spree. The intruder shot the dog and ran off without harming anyone in the Patel family. Luckily, Moti made full recovery and the Patel's are thankful for it.



No. 1 Hero

In one of the most heartwarming rescue stories you will ever read, Hero, a four year-old Golden Retriever, rescued his human while his wheelchair was stuck in a muddy field. Gareth Jones, a paralyzed man,  got his wheelchair stuck in a muddy field called on his dog friend to the rescue. He threw the pulling rope to Hero and the dog kept on pulling the rope until Gareth was safely out. Another day saved by man's best friend!

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