10 Dogs with Shortest Lifespan

03 Jul 2016 | by Muskan | Posted in: Breeds

When you're getting a dog, you must probably be looking at how long will he stay around. They are a great emotional investment hence, it becomes important to know the lifespan of your next family member.

Probable Determinants of Life Expectancy in Dogs

The lifespan of a dog depends primarily on his size, breed, and health status. Research shows that larger dogs live for a shorter period of time when compared to smaller ones. Some believe this is because large breeds age quicker.

A dog with a proper, nutritious diet and exercise can live longer than one without. So don’t forget to take your furry friend to wellness centres regularly.

Here is a list of pooches with the shortest life expectancy.

1.French Mastiffs


Image source:  en.wikipedia.org

It is perhaps the shortest living dog breed in existence with a life expectancy of just 5-8 years. With admirable temperaments and easy care they are excellent pets.


2. Great Dane


Image source:  2puppies.com

Most popular large breeds with a lifespan of only 6-8 years, these dogs are wonderful companions until the very end. Great Danes hold Guinness World Records for being the tallest dogs. They are sweet, loyal companions who love to play but because of their massive size they tend to encounter a variety of health problems.


3. Irish Wolfhound


Image source:  en.wikipedia.org

Irish Wolfhound is another big dog whose life is shortened due to his massive size. An average Irish Wolfhound lives about 6-10 years. Their relatively short lifespan is due to diseases that are fairly common in giant breeds. 


4. Saint Bernard


Image source:  www.woofipedia.com

St Bernards make great family companions as they are calm and obedient but unfortunately, they have a short life expectancy of just 8-10 years.


5. Rottweiler 


Image source:  cias.rit.edu

Intelligent and protective, Rottweilers can become great buddies but with an average life expectancy of 9.5 years, you might need to be careful when they have aged.


6. Bullmastiff


Image source:  www.nextdaypets.com

Considered to be one of the laziest dog breeds, they live an average of just 9 years. Low on energy, these pooches adapt well to home environments.


7. Newfoundland


Image source:  en.wikipedia.org

These furry pooches are intelligent, loyal and display a calm demeanour but the life expectancy of this breed is shorter than most dogs, the average being 9 years.


8. Bloodhound 


Image source: trainingbloodhounddog.blogspot.com

Bloodhounds also have their fair share of common health problems. They are prone to bloat, ear infections, and hereditary eye problems. The average lifespan of this breed is just about 9 years.


9. English Bulldog


Image source: www.youtube.com

While this breed is massively popular and widely loved, owners should be aware that they are prone to a wide range of health issues including cardiac and respiratory diseases, hip dysplasia and skin infections. An average Bulldog lives till around 9 years.


10. Bernese Mountain Dog


Image source:  animal.discovery.com

Bernese is one of the big short-lived breeds with easy-going temperaments. But many of these dogs are prone to developing a variety of cancer and they live for about 7-9 years only.

But of course, a shorter lifespan doesn’t mean they can't be good companions. Proper care and gentle handling can increase their life expectancy considerably so people of the world, don't hesitate to bring them home. These lovelies will be your guardian angels and stay in your hearts even after their demise. 

Even with the few years that they spend with us, they fill our lives with great joy!!

So don't underestimate the power of few years or maybe few months!!