10 fun facts about dogs tail

02 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Dogs never cease to amaze isn’t it? Let’s talk about their tails. All of them have one, some have puffy, some short, some curly. Don’t you love it when your dog wags his tail? But you know there are so many reasons behind the same. We are here with some amazing facts about your furball’s tail, which are intriguing yet fun.

1. Company


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According to certain studies, it has been proved that your dog doesn’t wag his tail when they are alone. Wagging of tail is a type of gesture by your dog to you or to another dog. But there are some pups that are socially introvert and don’t wag their tails for communications.


2. Gradual development


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Factually, your dog doesn’t start wagging their cute little tails until they touch the age of one and a half month.


3. Emotions


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When your dog wags his tail, it can be happiness or it can reveal some other emotions.
? A little wag is when is meeting a new person.
? When tail is high and wagged back and forth, it means your pooch is scared.
? A broad tail wag reflects friendliness.
? A slow one showcases neutral.


4. Direction


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When you are looking at your dog and he wags his tail to the right, it means he is happy, relaxed and pleased. If your four-legged friend is wagging his tail towards left, he is anxious, threatened or nervous.


5. Balance


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More than communication, your pooch’s tail also helps to maintain his body balance.


6. Swim


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To certain dogs, for example, golden retrievers, tails help them to swim and steer through water.


7. OCD


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According to vets, some dogs suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), which makes them chase their tails out of boredom, curiosity or anxiety. However, occasional chasing of tail is completely normal.


8. Just a part of body


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Tail is just an extended part of spine, with its own set of discs and muscles. It is flexible and undoubtedly cute.


9. Spread the bad smell


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Sometimes dogs held their tails high release smell from anal glands and to shoo away this scent, swoosh their cute tails.


10. Love and attention


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The furry little friend of yours loves his tail and you. So to grab your attention, he wags it.


Now you know some amazing facts about your dog’s tail. Tell us which one is your favorite on the list here.

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