10 fun facts about your dogs nose

10 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Dogs are cute in every way possible. Accept it that you give in when they come to you with puppy eyes. You love it when they nudge you with their nose. Apart from nudging and sniffing, a dog’s nose is much more than you think. Here are 10 fun facts about your dog’s nose, which will help you understand your four-legged friend in a better way.


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1. Wetness


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Have you noticed that your dog’s nose is most of the time wet? Ever wondered why? Well, we will tell you, it actually because of the glands inside, which generate lubrication. This dampness aids your dog to capture smell and then hold onto them for long.


2. Strong sense of smell


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If you think you are a superhero who could smell a pizza or a chicken tikka from a mile away, then my friend you have a competition. Your dog has highly developed a strong sense of smell. According to vets, a pooch can smell thousand times better than a human being.


3. Multi-functional nostril FTW!


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Unlike humans, dog’s nostrils work separately. There a fold of tissue inside the nostrils, this separates the scent in two paths, one being for olfaction that breaks down smell and inform the dog about the details of the same and the other one for respiratory purposes.


4. Exhale


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If you look closely at your pooch’s nose, you would find slits on both sides. This is the place from where the air comes out when your dog exhales.


5. Pee-Sniff


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Don’t you get annoyed when your dog take forever finding that perfect spot to pee? Well, there is a reason behind it. Dogs leave messages to each other via their urine. Hence, your dog sniffs around like an FBI agent to decode the message.


6. Fear


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Believe it or not, dogs can actually smell your fear. If you are nervous or scared, your face gets flushed with the change in heart beat and blood flow. Hence, dogs can feel the difference in you and can make out that something might be wrong with you.


7. Skin shedding

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Dogs sniff and know the skin we shed in a day (about 50 million skin cells every minute). However they aren’t visible through human eyes, but dogs can smell all of them. That’s why dogs help the military and police to sniff out the missing person.


8. Nose Prints


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Just like we have fingerprints for our identification, dogs can be identified with their nose prints. Every dog has a unique nose print.


9. Dry Nose


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It isn’t compulsory that your dog’s nose has to be wet all the time. It is perfectly normal for his nose to be dry sometimes. If you notice any discoloration or flakiness or odd discharge, take a trip to a vet immediately.


10. You sniff I sniff


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Yes, that’s what dogs do, they sniff each other. This is their way to figure out who are their new friends. You shouldn’t discourage your pooch to do so. Let them sniff their heart out. Smell is the only thing that allows your pup to detect all about the other dog that includes the food they just had.
Aren’t you amazed to know all these facts about your dog’s nose? We know we are!! *sniffs*

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