10 Important Things You Must Do To Keep Your Dog Healthy

30 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


While you must always consult your vet every time there is an issue; however, remember that a lot of daily health concerns of your dog can be addressed if you update yourself on certain things. In this article, we have discussed some proven ways to keep your canine at its best. 

1. Make it a point to perform regular health checks. While once a month is ideal, once a week is definitely better. Don’t forget that it is much easier to treat serious health problems at an earlier stage. 

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2. Fuel the body of your dog with high quality pet food. Obviously, pets cannot read the nutrition labels, but you can. Feed it with food that offers everything to stay healthy. 


3. As a responsible pet owner, you have to find the right amount you should feed your dog based on their size, age, gender, breed, weight and activity level. This is crucial for their health and ultimately, longevity. 


4. Most importantly, you must know the “people” foods you must avoid. A few foods that we consume are dangerous for pets to eat. For instance, avocados, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, garlic, coffee, fatty foods, cooked bones, grapes, raisins, onions, walnuts, yeast dough and salt to name a few. So even if a makes a madly cutesome face, say NO!


5. You should also know the plants that are safe for your dog to eat and the ones that could cause sickness, and even death, so that you can guard the animal against accidental poisoning. 

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6. Consider pet proofing. Be aware of the things in the surroundings that may be harmful to your dog. Make sure you keep all the household cleaners, medicines, automotive fluids, batteries, pesticides and sharp garden tools out of reach from your pet.


7. Spaying or neutering not only prevents unplanned pregnancies but also offers a few health benefits for animals. Spaying your female dog helps in the prevention of breast cancer and uterus infection. Neutering a male helps curb aggressive behavior and prevent prostate disease, testicular cancer and hernias.


8. Regular exercise keeps your pet fit and healthy. It also helps prevent weight gain as well as reduce destructive or aggressive behavior. So, exercise your pet on a daily basis.


9. Needless to say, tending to the emotional wellbeing of your pet is as important as taking care of its physical body. Of course, love works miracles with pets as well. At the minimum, nurture your pet and make it happy. A happy pet translates into a healthy pet!


10. Remember the fact that every animal is unique and what is normal for one pet may not be so for another. So, pay close attention to your pet and find out what exactly is normal for it. Doing so will help you tell quickly when something is wrong and you can get immediate veterinary attention.


Clearly, “prevention is better than cure” is a mantra you should apply for your pet’s wellbeing too.


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