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10 Most Ugly Dog Cake Fails

06 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Funny Posts

There are times when things don’t turn to be exactly what you wanted them to be. In a birthday party, the cake is given utmost importance, if the cake is poorly-executed, all the efforts put into organizing the party goes down the drain. Even dogs encounter cake wrecks at their parties, and all we could do is a Facepalm. These cake makers should certainly give up the art of cake decorations. However, we won’t deny that these cake disasters are hideously ridiculous. Check them out!


1. Wish that dog didn’t have to celebrate the birthday!


Image Source: cakewrecks.com


Look at the cake, as hopeless as it might get!


2. Trash or cake?


Image Source: cakewrecks.com


Seems like dog loved to eat from trash can!


3. This Bernese mountain dog cake is a big fail


Image source: Pinterest.com


Oh god! A request to the cake maker, never ever try to decorate a cake again.


4. This bulldog cake has a sadder face than your Monday face.


Image Source: barkpost.com




5. Just one question, WHY?


Image Source: barkpost.com


Why is this even a cake?


6. 1000 times sad!


Image Source: pinterest.com


1000 times saying no this cake!


7. Piping bag wreck!


Image source: barkpost.com


Seems like the cake decorator was having way too much fun with the piping bag.


8. Burning the hell


Image Source: barkpost.com


With ugliness max!


9. We hope that it doesn’t tastes how it appears to be!


Image Source: cakewreck.com




10. It could see we couldn’t see!


Image Source: cakewrecks.com


I’m scared already!


These cake wrecks are truly unattractive and we are still worried how the dogs might have reacted seeing their cakes. Don’t forget to share pictures of your dog’s cakes, we hope were not as disastrous as these above cakes appear to be. 

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