10 Pictures Demonstrating That Dogs Do Not Care If You Are Rich Or Poor

02 Sep 2016 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs

Love of a dog for his human is one of the most selfless and unconditional. Your dog won’t ever judge you in any way. To him, it doesn’t matter at all if you are rich or poor. All your furball wants is a little attention, a bit of love and he is going to love you till his last breath. Here we are with 10 pictures which establish the fact that dog doesn’t care whether you have the moolah or not. All they want is love and affection.


1. A huge can make everything alright!


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2. Don’t worry human, I’ll always be there for you!


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3. We all are struggling in one way or the other, for now, let’s be there for each other.


Image Source:


4. What you do I do human!


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5. They are all mine, and I am theirs.


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6. You play the music, I’ll dance for the public. A perfect pair.


Image Source:


7. Sharing is caring.


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8. I am your family human.


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9. Love is all we need.


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10. Stay together forever!


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Dog’s love is immense and altruistic. Don’t forget to share pictures of you and selfless love of your furball.

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