10 pictures of dogs of before and after bath sessions

09 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Of course, your dog hates it when you give him a bath. He is wet, uncomfortable and but obvious not liking how he looks. They change completely once drenched in water. Photographer Serenah Hodson has thoroughly observed the change and clicks different breeds of dogs in both situations calling it a “Dry Dog Wet Dog” project. Check out the cutest pictures of pooches before and after the bath.


1. Casper, who is an Afghan Hound looks fab when dry, however, his wet appearance has made his luscious locks disappear.


Image Source: Serenah Photography


2. Henri, a Wirehaired Dachshund look super adorable in the dry one. But, he looks not so pleased after the bath.


Image Source: Serenah Photography


3. Harry, Lhasa Apso needed a blow dry right after its bath.


Image Source: Serenah Photography


4. Little G, Chow Chow, a breed from northern china, looks adorable in both pictures. Isn’t it?


Image Source: Serenah Photography


5. Pippa, who is a Bichon Frise lost his fluffy look as soon as he was soaked in water. But who cares, he looks super adorable.


Image Source: Serenah Photography


6. Simon a strong Bulldog looks tired after a bath, however, a quick blow dry would definitely cheer him up.


Image Source: Serenah Photography


7. Miss Mei Li, a cute and smart Miniature Poodle surely needs a trip to the saloon to get her hair in place. But no matter what, she will still be charming as ever.


Image Source: Serenah Photography


8. Gizmo, Pomeranian looks happy both ways, bath or no bath. *Awww*


Image Source: Serenah Photography


9. Garfunkel, French Bulldog isn’t very happy about the bath. Don’t you think so?


Image Source: Serenah Photography


10. Daisy, an adorable Shih Tzu wouldn’t mind taking a bath often. Right?


Image Source: Serenah Photography


You can visit Serena's Facebook page for some more dog pictures, which can make you go *awwwwww*.

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