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10 Reasons for you to have a Dog

12 Mar 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

We have been talking and discussing various topics that will help dog owners with the general upkeep of their dog for some time now. Though there is no dearth of topic to be discussed with all you pet owners. Today we decided to diverge from this a little and to include the prospective pet owners into our discussions.


What better way to start that other than giving them the top ten reasons to have a dog. It’s time we share the joy with the others and tell them what a wonderful life it is when you have one of these adorable pets with you.

10 Reasons to Keep a Dog

Let me help you identify the reasons that why would you need a dog and hopefully put the if’s and but’s to a rest. Here are a quick 10 reasons that will ensure that you are ready to welcome this bundle of joy home.

baby with dog

Reason 1: Perfect companions to come home to

There will be a lot of you who live alone and it is not very exciting to come home to an empty house.  It can lead in some cases to clinical depression. There have been numerous papers done that prove that depression can set in easily among people who live alone, with a little social life.  I am not suggesting that you get married to avoid that void in your life. So, what is the next best thing get home a dog. You will be surprised how exciting it is when he comes to the door to greet you every day in the evening.  It will make you feel extra special.

If you are worried as to who will look after him or her when you are not around then do not be surprised there are numerous short and long stay boarding around the city that will help you with that.

cute dog pictures

Reason 2:  Perfect stress busters after a hard day at work

Dogs are the natural stress busters. You will be surprised that how petting or cuddling a dog can make a harrowing time at work seem a little better. I can give you a first-hand experience and there have been numerous papers written by scholars that prove that petting a dog or just cuddling to him reduces the stress level in your pet.  If you need further proof then there are some colleges and offices that keep a dog in their premises to reduce stress. They act as a therapeutic medicine for such people.

Reason 3: He or She will be the perfect friend for your child

If you have a child at home who is bored and need a friend or a big brother then you will be surprised that what magic can a dog bring to your home. A dog will not only give company to the child but can even play the big brother by protecting him or her when the time comes.

Recently USA Health news published a paper that said that homes where there were dogs and infants together saw the kids falling sick less often.  It is believed that dog bring dirt and bacteria in the home, which does not make the kids sick but on the contrary makes the immune system of your child stronger. It was observed that kids with dogs would fall sick less often.

Reason 4: Reduce heart risk and other cardio vascular diseases

You will be surprised to know that getting a dog will keep a lot of cardio vascular diseases at bay.  Getting a dog will reduce your medical bills and keep you happy. There has been a recent study done in the USA, which has one of the highest number of patients with cardio vascular diseases and it was observed that keeping a dog reduced it drastically.

This was owed to two factors, getting a dog will increase your exercise level that will reduce the blockage in your heart that will help you to keep you off diseases. The other is that petting a dog will help to reduce the stress level that again helps to keep the blood pressure low and saving you from any further ailments.

Reason 5:  Best companions for the specially abled

You will be surprised to know that what can a dog do for the specially abled. They can be the perfect friends to those whose needs are a little different that the average human being. Autistic or any other specially abled children at times find conversing with the world in general a lot harder than any of us. A dog can help him or her overcome the barriers.  There are various kinds of therapy dogs that have been trained specially for this purpose and will help your child to converse with the outside world.

Recent studies have proven that therapy dogs have helped kids to make friends or just help cope with any of the behavioural issues efficiently.

Reason 6: Helps you to stay in shape

A dog can be your perfect companion that will urge you to lose weight. You will be surprised that getting a dog home will make you keener on exercising. There will no more excuses to not go for a walk and we do not need to tell you the advantages of exercise now.  We all know how important it is to have a healthy body and mind. Your dog will need his or her regular walks thus, helping you with your everyday exercise.

Reason 7: This will be a lifelong friend

Getting home a dog will ensure that you have a lifelong friend in him or her entire life. You will always have friends and relatives who may not be there for you on always but a dog will always be there with you till its last breath. After all we have heard the stories of Hachiko and its undaunted loyalty. You can now have your own story with your pooch.

reasons for you have a dog

Reason 8: The perfect companion for elderly members

Since the time your kids grew up, you have been living alone and do not have many people to talk to. You will be surprised that what a dog can do to you. They will be joy in your house; he or she will always be there to play with. They will pamper you with licks and wags. So, whether your grandchildren call you or not, your dog will always be there for you. Always!

Recent studies have shown that once you get a pet home, you will be surprised how your doctor visits are reduced. You will be more happy and active

Reason 9: They will help you have a perpetual smile on your face

A pet promises you a lifelong of happiness. It is very difficult to be cross with them. One of the most important work in their life is to ensure that there is always have a smile on your face.  These stress busters can lighten up even the gloomiest of the days. Just bring one home and let the magic unfold in front of your own eyes.

Reason 10: Be awestruck with those adorable Bambi eyes

In my eyes this is one of the prime reasons of having a pet at home. You will never get bored of looking at something adorable and cute. Their eyes will always help you to forget your worries. They just say to you that every dark cloud has a silver lining.

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