10 super cool dogs nailing wigs

01 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Dogs are incredible creatures. They never fail to amaze you. Sometimes you love to goof around with your dogs for no reason and this is the best time you will ever have with your pooch. Here are some pictures, which show that their owners like to pump up their furball’s swag with wigs like a boss!


1. Swag much?


Image Source:


After a hectic day, how about getting ready for a small mid-week party?


2. Fabulous like I’m.


Image Source:


The pooch certainly shows that she isn’t less than a diva.


3. Wig it out man!

Image Source:


Cool, isn’t it?


4. When you go for a haircut


Image Source:


And the hair dresser messes-up!


5. Curls for life


Image Source:


Curly hair I don’t care!


6. Humidity


Image Source:


Trust me, it’s the humidity!


7. Just take a look!


Image Source:


Tell me on my face that I don’t look cute, tell me!


8. Retro tonight.


Image Source:


Prettiness personified in a retro look. 


9. Who’s the dog?


Image Source:


I’m the DOG!


10. Unruffled


Image Source:


Also Lady Gaga fan for life!


These dogs look better than you do, Right? Haha, we know they look extraordinary. Have you ever tried a wig on your dog? If not, then do it today and send us a picture. We would love to see it.

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