10 Things Every Dog Does That We All Agree

29 May 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

There are a few things that every dog engages in. However, these seemingly normal behaviours may have a deeper meaning. So let’s take a look at some of them and hopefully you will discover more about your beloved canine.

1They love digging, a lot - We all know about this rather common dog behaviour. Dogs love digging; they hide and unearth food or any ‘prized possession’ of theirs and even dig themselves a cool place to sit. The truth is, it is an instinctual activity and is embedded in their DNA. However, your dog’s excessive digging could also be due to a lack of sufficient exercise, especially if you live in a city.

2A wagging tail, a content dog - This is quite a recognisable sign of a happy dog. But did you know that a wagging tail could mean more? If the tail is hanging low and wagging in a tranquil manner it means the dog is pretty chilled out. But if the tail is more curved, above the body and wagging more intensely it means the dog is highly interested or maybe even angry about something.

3. Beware of panting dog- Dogs cannot perspire through their skin like us. So to cool off, they pant. They perspire through their paw pads but panting is what really brings their body temperature down. Panting, an obvious activity for a dog, may also signify an imminent heatstroke, allergic reaction, fear or even poisoning if it is in excess.

4. Inherited spinning- Like digging, this ritual has been with dogs for ages. It might make them look silly, but there’s a lot more going on in the dog’s head. Back in the day when dogs lived in the wild, they spun around to flatten out any uncomfortable grass. This also made sure that they removed any small animals that could prove dangerous. They also do this before they are about to poop. Watch the video below to know more theories that suggest reasons why dogs spin around.

5Trail blazers, tail chasers - This activity surely makes for a good laugh. Dogs usually chase their tail because they’re bored. But it could signify that your dog is vying for your attention or that it’s tail is itchy.

6Wind on their face, pure bliss - Dogs are lively beings by nature. They live in the moment. And when you take them along in your car they are bombarded with changing sights, sounds and smells. They get immersed in a frenzied environment and they love it. However, they may get over excited and care must be taken to avoid any injury while their head is out.

7Restless to meet you -  All dogs have separation anxiety. They appear to be too eager to meet you after you come back from work. Although this may seem to be positive behaviour, that is not the case. Dogs are naturally pack animals. Moreover, we tend to lead our dogs into thinking that they are the pack leader when in fact it should be the other way round. So when they see a member of their pack missing it causes mental stress.

8. It's all in the scent - When dogs sniff each other, it is a form of greeting. They sniff each other’s rear ends. The strong scents contain all the information they need to ‘get to know each other’.

9The cute sideways head tilt - A dog’s hearing is way more augmented than a human’s. They catch even the faintest of sounds. So when they hear an unusual and peculiar sound they focus and try to concentrate on the sound by tilting their head from side to side. Also, it looks pretty adorable when they do that.

10Tasty trash - Every dog loves eating from the trash. Whether they’re hungry or not, they will go through garbage. Most common reasons for this behaviour are hunger and curiosity. Since trash contains so many different waste items each with their own distinct scent, they are bound to check it out. However, you should be careful to not let your dog harm itself by letting it ingest dangerous things.

Do You Know more common dog behaviours that you’d like to share with us? Do let us know!

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