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10 things you should never ever do to your dog

11 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Are you a very loving pet owner who always question yourself “Am I doing the right thing for my dog?” We understand your love for your four-legged companions and your wish to be the best pet owner ever. So, here’s a quick look at 10 things you should never ever do to your dog.

Dog looking

Dogs are very sensitive animals. They love us unconditionally and give us endless reasons to smile. So would you want to do anything to hurt your dog?... Of course not. But many a time we end up doing something unintentionally and hurt them anyway.

Here are 10 things you should be wary of doing, lest you end up upsetting your beloved furball:

Don’t ever leave your dog alone in the car

Dog sitting in the car

Image- Source- https://i.ytimg.com

Have you ever sat in a locked car for a long time? Have you experienced the suffocation? If you aren’t able to handle it, how can your precious dogs? Dogs are the most loving creature in this world. They love to stay around you and hate being left alone. Moreover, your car can be a burning oven during warm months and there can be no worse torture!

Don’t disturb your dog while he/she is eating

Dog resting in the garden

Image Souurce- https://farm6.static.flickr.com

Dogs relish their food. They don’t like being disturbed while they are eating. Just like you wouldn’t like someone’s hand on your plate, your canine doesn’t like it either. This could make them aggressive and can easily lead to them biting you. So beware!

Don’t ever make your dog live outside

Dog playing in the snow

Image Source-https://pixabay.com

No doubt, dogs love the outdoors. They love to fetch a ball, swim or simply run around. But your precious dog hates living outside all the time. Don’t build a den for your dog outside and rarely go pet them. Dogs love human interaction and are known to be man’s best friend. Now, would you let your best friend sleep outside?

Don’t ever feed unapproved treats to your dogfood snatching from the dog

Image Source- https://pixabay.com

While feeding treats to your dog is a great way to train them, unapproved treats can give them mixed instructions. Make sure you treat your dog only when they have done something right and encourage them to do right things always. Moreover, unapproved treats can spoil your dog’s appetite. Gift your innocent dog a healthy life.

Don’t ever ignore your dog’s dental health Dont ignore your dogs dental health

Image Source- https://i.ytimg.com

Most of the pet owners are aware that brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is very important but often fail to follow it. Give your dog the best dental care possible and get into the habit of visiting the veterinarian regularly.

Don’t ever leash your dog too tight Dog tied

Image Source- https://c2.staticflickr.com

Did you know that your pooch loves to explore? Have you ever noticed your dog smell or sniff through almost everything? Let them loose and allow them to explore their surroundings rather than holding their leash too tight. Your dog will just love it! Moreover, a tight leash can cause a lot of discomforts and even cut through their skin.

Don’t ever raise your hand on your dog as a form of punishmentSad Dog


If you are an animal lover, I’m sure you’ll agree that beating an animal is an unforgivable offense. Beating them is not an option even if it comes to training them. You have to teach them patiently, just like you do with your own children. A beating can break your dog’s heart and their spirit!

Don’t ever force your dog to interact with strangers or other dogs they don’t likePlaying Dog

Image Source- https://pixabay.com

Dogs have a great sense of judging human beings. They know when someone is going to hurt them. If your dog is avoiding someone or another animal, don’t ever force them to be friendly. Yes, dogs love their masters unconditionally, but they don’t love everyone.

Don’t ever neglect your dog’s veterinary visitsDog Hospital

Image Source- https://upload.wikimedia.org

Dogs are just like babies. They need to be attended to. Don’t skip any of your dog’s doctor appointments. In each session, discuss more about your dog’s health issues, best dog grooming practices, and future appointments. Give them their medications on time, as this could add more days to their life.

Don’t use the crate for the wrong reasons

Dog in the cage

Image Source- https://pixabay.com

Dogs can be disciplined easily. They make great learners. But locking them in a crate is not the way to discipline them. On the other hand, it makes them anxious, depressed and furious.

Go ahead, take care of your dog and give him the best life ever! He deserves it!

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