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10 things you should NEVER say to a dog parent!

08 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


It is a universal truth, every dog parent has been subjected to many unwarranted opinions regarding their fur babies. Some things are best left unsaid, but this not something everyone understands. Whether or not such statements are well-intentioned, when it comes to dogs, a parent will never appreciate unsolicited advice. Here is a list of things people should never say to a dog parent.

1. “He’s just a dog!” – You did not just say that to a dog parent! First of all, every dog has a name and secondly, the chances of you getting disowned on that statement are higher. Every dog is his/her parent's dream and they treat them like their own child. For you, a dog might be an animal, for parents; dogs are their lifeline!


2. “You can get another dog when this one dies” – Can you replace a family member for a lookalike? We guess not! In the same way, a dog is every owner's pride and holds a place very deep in their heart. The loss of a pet isn’t something that can be overcome just like that. You would only know the feeling when you own a pet!


3. “Eww, you let your dog kiss you on the face” – Yes, and you with your ugly comments are spoiling all the fun out of the moment. My dog, my face, my rules! If you don’t like something that an owner and their pet shares, it’s best advised to not comment and stay out of their comradeship!


4. “You spend too much money on your dog” – And who has appointed you as the accountant for the dog owner? A dog is an owner’s prized possession and the owner will do everything in his or her capacity to ensure his or her dog’s happiness.


5. “Your dog doesn’t understand what you say to him” – Is it because the dog told you? Dog parents talk to their dogs, every day and all year long. Humans communicate with words and dogs understand the emotions behind it. A stranger just wouldn’t get it. Give a woof in the comment section if you agree!


6. “Please tie that dog up!” – Even when a dog is sitting quietly in the corner, some people just have to have those poor little babies tied up. Remember, you are a guest, not the other way round. Besides, most dogs just don’t pay attention to people they are not interested in. Yes, you know what that means!


7. “Hit him! Only then will your dog understand discipline.” – There are a number of ways to train a dog but hitting them is not it! Hitting your dog can doom the relationship between dog and its parents. Pet behaviourists can help in dealing with a particularly unruly dog, but hitting? A big NO!


8. “Your dog is so smelly!” – First of all, dog parents don’t understand what you mean by that. A dog is a 24x7 presence in an owner’s house and they are okay with the natural animal smell. Also, a dog parent is very particular about keeping their dog clean and shiny. All an outsider can do is to bear with it and slowly adjust to the ‘smell’.


9. “Most dogs are mean” – To begin with, this an out and out outrageous statement. There can be a few people who would remind the owner about them being bitten by the very breed he/she owns. But, not every breed is the same and nor are the circumstances. Cersei Lannister from The Game of Thrones is mean, dogs are only mean to mean people.


10. “Your dog barks too much!” – Yes, that’s because all dog parents practise freedom of speech and expression in their homes. It’s what is required for the overall development of every kid. Besides, this barking is how a dog alerts their parents about unannounced threats. Has a dog barked at you?


We hope you have learnt your lessons when it comes to interacting with dog owners about their pet. Remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

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