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10 Things Your Dog would Tell You, if he could Speak!

11 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

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Yes, you read that right! We are all well versed with our reasons on why a dog is man’s best friend. However, have we ever tried thinking from a dog’s perspective? We believe that it is time for you to understand what goes behind that beautiful mind of a dog. Here’s a sneak peek into the other side of the story. Yes, a dog’s view on their relation with the humans. Brace yourself, here we go:-

1. We have seen the unseen - You can drunk talk to us and even burp on our faces but we would still shower you with our friendly nudges and wet kisses.

Image 1 (700x465)

2. Covering your tracks since the beginning of time - Your mom wants you to go on a diet and here you are stuffing your face with junk food! Don’t worry, we have got your back!

Image 2 (700x394)

3. Natural alarm clocks – We wake ourselves up early in the morning, only so that you can see the rising sun. Diligent workers that we are, our aim is to help you; even if it means staring at your sleeping face like murderous maniac.

Image 3 (700x368)

4. In-house fashion muse – Even though you walk around in nice fashionable clothes and force us to wear silly garbs (yes we can tell) we will never complain!

Image 4 (700x368)

5. Unstoppable love - We don’t hold any grudges. A friend never mistreats another friend, but just in case you go looney in the head and decide to be mean to us, we will never stop loving you!

Image 5 (700x467)

6. The Lost Ball - We will find that ball for you. Even if you lose it a 100 times and ask us to go fetch it for you, we will. We never complain, we are cool like that! B-)

Image 6 (700x373)

7. Bodyguards - We know when there’s an approaching danger towards you. We stand guard and will always protect you. Stay away Postman!

Image 7 (700x439)

8. We listen - From sonnets on your break-up to speeches on your many a fights with friends, we will be there for you!

dog listening with big ear 

9. Partners in crime - We are the official nap partners. Enough said!

Image 9 (700x350)

10. A true friend - All said and done, we still love to see your goofy face after a day’s work. We admit it, we love you unconditionally and this friendship means the world to us!

Image 10 (700x468)

Simply put, both humans and dogs love each other and cannot do without each other. It’s the love of a lifetime!

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