10 Times Dogs Could Not Live Without Their Stuff Toy!

05 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Do you remember your favorite stuff toy from when you were 8? I still remember. That's because I still own it and cannot sleep without it! When I look at these puppies with their stuffed animals I know that their bond will last forever, just like mine did.

I also wonder sometimes whether they think their stuff toy is their friend or just one of the toys they own. Figure it out for yourself:


1. Nothing in this world is better than taking a long afternoon nap with my buddy!


980x (4)

Image Source: thedodo


2. Totally agree there! But mine doesn't want to sleep, look at his eyes wide open. But he loves me so he'll stay!


980x (6)

Image Source: thedodo


3. I take my teddy everywhere, just in case I need someone on the watch out while I pee.


980x (7)

Image Source: thedodo


4. He's a true friend, he doesn't mind being squished! See the smile!!


980x (9)

Image Source: thedodo


5. I did not do this, it was HIM! I swear I am telling you exactly what happened... He was bored so he took our some of the stuffing himself.


980x (10)

Image Source: thedodo


6. You and I together in this lovely green world. 



Image Source: thedodo


7. A little privacy PLEASE!!



Image Source: thedodo


8. LOOOK! My friend looks just like meeee! 


Image Source: thedodo


9. And mine looks like me, so what? 


980x (2)

Image Source: thedodo


10. True friends forever, he went through the CONE OF SHAME with me!


980x (3)

Image Source: thedodo


The last one made me go all nuts! I mean how adorable is that little puppy with his stuff toy! Looking for a best friend for your dog? Or do you already have one? Share with us your pictures and we'll love to have a look  in the comments section!

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