10 Times When These Cute Puppies Were Secretly Plotting Revenge!

02 Apr 2015 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Who doesn't love cute puppies?!!

They stand for mass destruction and crap all around the house, but their cuteness and snuggability covers just everything!!

We all love to hug and pamper these little cuties, but have you ever thought what these puppies would be thinking while we squash them with our love? 

Well may be these reasons below will do some justice to their emotions!!

1. You poke finger into my belly. You call me weird names. Look in to my eyes human. Closely.




2. You called me 'cute' in front of the whole neighbourhood. Jenny was also there. I will make you pay for it.


3. Oats biscuits for me? And you think I can’t sniff the BBQ Chicken Wings in your kitchen?


4. I am happily running towards you. I will continue to do so till one day I am able to topple you over your head.


5. One more time you roll that Newspaper, you will BE on that newspaper.


6. Organic vegetables you said, you disgusting fellow? I like organic HUMANS too!!


7. This is the last time you are leaving me alone. Come back and you will know why. 


8. You threw the ball again? Go and FETCH IT YOURSELF you Not-So-Good-Boy!!


9. For every time you make me sit, I promise to make you SHIT.


10. You are two, we are three. And don’t forget we are growing up everyday. Believe us, that is not a good sign.



Well, of course it is all far-fetched and a result of imagination, but if this brought a smile to your face, do not forget to share it with your friends!!

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