10 Ways Your Dog Helps You Fight Depression

31 May 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


Your furry cuddly friend is all the dose you need to fight off the monster called “Depression”. In this fast paced life, all of us face stress and at times are at a loss. This is where these cute ones come to our rescue. Let’s take a look at how pooches help us fight depression:

  1. Recognize signs of panic



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Dogs can sense the onset of a panic attack in humans. Dogs are very alert can immediately recognize the change in our heart rate, breathing pattern. They even know something is wrong if we are pacing around the house or just biting our nails with a tense expression. Before the situation goes too out of hand, your little buddy steps into the action to make you feel better. Kudos!

  1. Automated Relaxants


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Dogs, in general, have a very relaxing persona and their company relaxes us automatically. It is not wrong to call them a “Human Relaxing drug” then, is it? ;)

  1. Medication Alarm


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You may be able to snooze your next alarm for medication but your dog won’t budge until you take your medication. Therapy dogs are trained to know when it is time for you to take your medication and they will bother you until you do just that.

  1. Deep Pressure Therapy


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Did you know a service dog is basically a trained masseuse? Most therapy dogs will cuddle and lay their bodies against your chest when they sense an oncoming panic attack to calm you down. Pretty impressive, right?

  1. They keep out the negativity


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Don’t want to see someone that annoys you or is the reason for your depression? Ex-boyfriend, right? Well, put your dog to the task, he will make sure that the person who bothers you doesn’t bother you anymore.

  1. Better quality of life


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Your life is much better when you know that there is someone to take care of you and there is someone you need to care of. Dogs instill that sense of responsibility in a person and keeps depression at bay.

  1. Reduce Cortisol


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Cortisol is a hormone found in the human body that indicates our stress level. It has been proven through a study that company of a dog reduces this stress inducing hormone’s level. So, adopt a dog; cleanse your soul and kill of cortisol. :D

  1. Safety


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People with depression tend to feel unsafe and insecure both mentally and physically. A dog helps their human to feel a sense of security and safety. They show that they would leap and take a bullet for them if need be and will protect them till their last breath. You can go to sleep at night knowing you canine friend is awake.

  1. Non-judgemental


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A dog does not judge on the basis of your gender, how much money you make, your clothes choices etc. He loves you for who you are. This is something humans are sometimes not capable of. Dogs will listen to your woes, love you and want to be loved, without even a hint of judgement.

  1. They get you outside and moving


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Depression makes you want to curl up in the bed and not leave your house. Ever. Your dogs is definitely going to change that. He will make you take him for a walk, making you one with the nature and making you physically active. This helps ward of many a fatal diseases. Your dog to the rescue, again, bravo mate!

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