11 Corporate Lessons Taught By Your Dog!

04 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


Humans don’t realise just how lucky they are to be surrounded by magnificent species that are dogs. These gullible and caring creatures can be a great guiding light in solving challenges thrown by life. Be it dealing with relationships or being loyal, dogs lead the way through and through.

We are the victims of the rules we live by and one such casualty is becoming corporate slaves. Many a times we happen to do things that have been regretted later. At such times, one often tends to feel the need for a guiding spirit that will help us in keeping our cool and stay in control. This is exactly why God created dogs! Here are 11 things that dogs can teach us to lead a healthy corporate life!

1. Be enthusiastic – The work is only as interesting as you make it to be!

Image 1 (700x466)

2. Loyalty is a quality – A loyal employee is every bosses’ pet – not literally ;)

Image 2 (700x340)

3. Selective listening – Keep your ear open for all things important and only what is good for your work.


4. Discipline – Yes, coming to work on time counts!


5. Hard work - It is not a myth, hard work does pay off in the end.

Image 5 (700x466)

6. Assertion– Don’t let any Tom, Dick or Harry walk over you.

Image 6  (700x466)

7. Friendliness – Be open to people, be their buddy!

Image 7 (700x437)

8. Be happy – Ups and downs are but small parts of life, keep your spirits and motives up!

Image 8 (700x525)

9. Observe and learn- Understand the functionalities of your work and gain your boss’s trust.

Image 9 (700x466)

10. Preserve – Boss sent an appreciative mail? Save it! When you feel demotivated and lose track, these things will help you gain your footing back!

Image 10 (700x373)

11. Bark! – Let the world know you have arrived, talk about your good work; be a valuable employee!

Image 11 (700x471)

We hope you will learn these tricks and achieve great success in your career!

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