11 dog breeds that are truly the gentle giants

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I think when I die, my family will include a sentence that expresses my love for dogs in my obituary because if they don't they know I will be restless and angry with them. It's true - I love dogs and there are no two ways about it. I love all dog breeds but have a extra soft corner in my heart for large giant dogs. Their sheer size, the majestic aura yet the calm and composed disposition makes my heart skip a beat.

Here are 11 of my favourite Gentle Giants and a brief about them

Great Dane


Gentle is their middle name. Their towering persona and long legs sure take up much space but their heart is full of love and affection for their family and friends. Great with children, Great Danes are excellent family pets. If you have a large open space for your pooch to stretch it's long legs and run about a while, a Great Dane is a fabulous furry buddy to have.

Bernese Mountain Dog


The Swiss mastered the art of chocolates, developed classy watches and became the place of origin of Bernese Mountain Dogs. The tri coloured coat gives these dogs a royal look however their affectionate and loving personality is at par with their intelligence. Their gentle nature makes them excellent pets for families with children.



One look at a Mastiff and I am sure your heart will melt. These giant dogs look powerful due to their large build, but they are the most affectionate and sweet tempered dogs. The droppy eyes, the adorable face and the gentle personality makes them gentle guardians and excellent family pets.

St. Bernard

St bernard

Apart from gifting us the Bernese Mountain Dogs, the Swiss also gifted us the St. Bernards. Ideal for search & resuce missions in the high Alps, St. Bernards have become a popular pet in other parts of the world too. Their caring and affectionate nature makes them wonderful family pets and excellent companions.



Lassie is the name that comes to mind when it's about a Collie. Highly intelligent yet extremely affectionate Collie is a super family pet and a wonderful companion for your kids.



Credited with the origins of Labrador Retrievers, Newfoundland are intelligent, smart, caring, affectionate and extremely gentle in nature. 


Leon berger

Gentle, mild mannered, caring and affectionate, Leonberger have gained great popularity for being excellent therapy dogs. They make gentle guardians to families too.

Irish Wolfhound


Acrredited to be one of the largest dog breeds in te world, a Irish Wolfhound can scare the cats out of you due to their sheer size and shaggy appearance. When you look closely, you will realise that all and Irish Wolfhound wants to do is snuggle and cuddle.

Old English Sheep Dog


Shaggy appearance, comical expression and droolworthy kisser, Old English Sheepdogs are a favourite amongst children. Historically bred to take care of take care of sheep farms, the sweet and gentle temperament of the Old English Sheep Dogs made way as family pets and gentle guardians.

Great Pyrenees


Snuggle buddies, caring, loving and affectionate the Great Pyrenees can snuggle and cuddle up with you like they are a little children yet protect you like a soldier if need be.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

great swiss

The Swiss can take credits for bringing us the Swiss Mountain Dogs. Comical, fun loving, affectionate and absolutely adorable, Great Swis Mountain Dogs are as popular as Lindt Chocolates.

Are you a proud pet parent to a Gentle Giant? Do share your experience and pictures with us. 

Image source: Wikipedia / Animal Life / Gentle Giant

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