12 Puppies That Will Make You Cry If You Don't Have One

04 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

How did puppies become the cutest creatures on this planet? I mean just look at their eyes, It feels like you want to rip out your heart. They're that wonderful! For those of you who don't have a puppy, here's what you're missing:  

1. Please take me with you Hooman! I promise I won't eat dirt from the ground...


Image Source: playbuzz

2. Hold your phone tight, Imma coming... Oh no, you just clicked a close up, my black spots must be showing.. :/


Image Source: playbuzz

3. I'm bigger than this ball, right? Then why does it feel this heavy!


Image Source: playbuzz

4. Is this food, is this ice-cream, is this my water bowl, is this my treat, is this fooood?


Image Source: playbuzz


5. Try saying no to my face, I can make it even cuter. Try me....


Image Source: playbuzz

6. Even your expensive black dress will look ordinary in front of me...


Image Source: playbuzz

7. Check out my butt.... but not too much otherwise my owner might kill you!


Image Source: playbuzz

8. High five!! No, I am not high, I just meant High 55555!


Image Source: playbuzz

9. I'm just laying low. No, I am not trying to eat the grass. I swearrrrr!


Image Source: playbuzz

10. Because I told her I did not want to stay home alone with that annoying cat...


Image Source: playbuzz

11. I woke up past noon, but nobody scolded me becozzz I did thisss:


Image Source: playbuzz

12. Time to play my favorite game Hooman, let's play snuggle in the bed!


Image Source: playbuzz

AWWWWWW Right? Maybe a couple of more WWWWWWs! Adopt your ball of joy today! Make some puppy happy in this world. Otherwise, such pictures will make you cry forever! Check out the puppy breeds here! And don't forget to tell us about the puppy at you home sweet home!

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