12 Real Things That Crazy Dog Parents Have Done All Over The World

04 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs

Dogs are animals. Try telling that to one of the craziest dog parents in the world. To them dogs are family, infact so much more than just that. Dogs take up their entire bed and they hardly mind. Dogs destroy their favorite carpet and they still don't mind.


Image Source: twitter@babyanimalgifs


They breathe dogs, they love them from their deep heart. Let's have a look at some of these people:


1. Just to show how deadly serious they are about including their dog in the family!


Image Source: twitter@havynstone


2. Obsession level: 1000000!! Their camera roll has nothing but their rockstar dog's pictures. 

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Image Source: twitter@screwsavannah


3. That's just a normal birthday pawty for them. They don't even know that this might be just a little over the top! A cake, hats and friends (dog friends) that all it takes!


Image Source: animalfessions


4. Try asking them if they could take out time for you and your human problems. They will show you your place: 


Image Source: tumblr


5. When they confuse their own baby with their dog. Or is it intentional?


Image Source: twitter@freckily


6. Try asking them what dog they have. The description will run long. But most importantly they'll tell you how amazing they are. Afterwards, they might tell you the breed. Typical.


Image Source: twitter@malloryomg


7. They don't really understand the concept of giving or in fact having space. The 1-hour separation to run to the nearby shop is too much for them!sub-buzz-15793-1464115441-5

Image Source: twitter@babyanimalpics


8. Real love. Nothing can beat this dog owner. Yes, such people exist. Makes you realise how loveless your life is. Somebody, please paint me too!!


Image Source: twitter@thefemalebook


9. Ummm, how do I say this, girl this is, insane amount of attachment. Obviously, this was normal for her! (Dog-Lover)


Image Source: twitter@lizettemelendez


10. There is a massive need to document each and every moment. There really is.


Image Source: twitter@meanplastic


11. Just like a normal child, their fur-baby needs to be appreciated too. After all, Goose just aced the puppy education!!


Image Source: twitter@surrgee


12. Their future plan did not have a job or a career or a guy. It simply had the one most important thing in their life. Their time with their precious dog.


Image Source: twitter@babyanimalgifs


Let's be honest, we dog lovers did at least one of the above things. These people in their own lovely ways made their dogs feel so special. Have you got any such thing you did for your dog? If not, get on it!

Don't forget to tell us about the crazy thing you did for your dog in the comments section below! We love to read about your munchkin!

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