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12 Reasons Why You Should Never Let Your Dog Drive Your Car! EVER!!

07 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Funny Posts

Should the keys ever land in your dog's hands make sure you take them back asap!! We'll tell you why you should never let your dog drive the car, even if you're too tired:


1. They think they're too cool to drive safe. In their head, they're above the traffic rules.

Image Source: communitytable


2. And if they're tired from all the playing they did a while ago, trust me they'll shamelessly fall asleep.


Image Source: barkpost


3. You think they'll stay focused? NO, they will get distracted way too easily and then BOOOOM!


Image Source: barkpost


4.  For them, life is always chill, so they will misuse their driving privilege and go around the city with their buddies!


Image Source: barkpost

5. Traffic signals? WHO CARES! The whole road belongs to me!


Image Source: barkpost

6. They're too tiny to look over the wheel, but that's okay because they think cuteness is enough to drive.


Image Source: barkpost

7. They look like ghosts while driving at night. Its bad because you don't wanna sit with a ghost.


Image Source: barkpost

8. They're too busy showing off how awesome they look and forget to actually drive!


Image Source: barkpost

9. Cuddling is more important. Seriously.


Image Source: barkpost

10. They never give indicators while turning left! Their head is not enough, is it?


Image Source: barkpost

11. Power is everything. But even if they're in a police car, They're barely scary.


Image Source: barkpost

12. Some of them will just keep looking your side to make sure you're okay. And then BOOOOOM!


Image Source: barkpost

We really want our dear dogs to be alive and safe. So it's best not to give them the car keys! Did you think of getting them this, though?

Did you ever try to give your dog the car, though? Lets us know your car ride stories in the comments below!

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