12 Ways Puppies Will Make Your Terrible Day, Much Much Happier!!

11 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Puppy

Our life is stressed. Not just because of work from office, but also because of those daily chores we need to do. So much time goes by worrying and freaking out about everything thats not going okay. Not all of us ended up doing our dream job, not all of us scored a perfect 100 in the math test we just gave, not all of us got to eat a large pizza and still stay skinny.

But listen to these furry little pretty puppies! They've got some mature advice for y'all!!

1. Say HELLO to your problems guys! Don't you hide your cute little face, the problems will reduce just because you dared to say hi!



2. If your problems are too much to handle, snuggle up with your bffs and have a good lazy nap, your dreams won't be haunted!



3. Get to the difficult task! Take your friends and family along for help. Nobody can crush you then sweetheart!



4. Look at the cute little kids at home! Are they adorable enough to make you melt that heated mind? I think so!



5. Wear a cool badge that says just how AWESOME you are, make it happen now!!



6. Watch a sad movie, a very sad one. It'll make you feel happier because your situation is better than the movie. Don't forget to sit with a tub of popcorn!



7. People say don't sleep after you eat? Do just that. Sleep right after you ate that large burger! You'll feel complete and happy-heavy!



8. RELAAAAAX, and then relax some more you hard-worker! Why is it so difficult? If a puppy can, so can you!



9. Try new things, go out and do something so stupid that people laugh at you. Never stop being weird!



10. Sleepover with your other sad buddies and make a great drink for the night! You know what'll follow...



11. And if nothing else works out, just make that puppy face and ask someone else to do your work! ALWAYS WORKS!



12. ROLL ON THE FLOOR AND LAUGH! ROFL, literally guys. In the end its a happy life!



Did you puppy make your difficult day better? We'd love to share your story. Mail it to us at:

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