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16 Innocent Stray Dogs Were Recently Murdered In Kolkata (Horrifying)

03 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Do we kill all orphan human babies we find on the roads? Nobody thinks thats normal. But sadly, people think taking lives of stray dogs is their birth right. Just how did we become so insensitive towards our fellow living beings?

After recovering from incidents like puppies thrown by a lady in front of the dog mother's eyes just because she got annoyed by their presence, this incident has now filled us with the same old pain. Deep shame.

In complete violation of animal rights recently, 16 stray dogs were allegedly culled in a housing society, brought in a lot of rage from the dog loving people in Kolkata. Residents of Diamond city, West Behala, have been accused of hiring men to kill stray dogs who were living inside the complex.


Around 20 to 25 stray dogs used to live in the complex. Some of the good residents took care of these dogs by feeding them and by taking care of them. In recent times, they noticed that the stray dog numbers were not adding up. Some of the dogs disappeared.

This incident happened in the day time.. At first, no one suspected any foul play but later when they saw men armed with lathis and sacks chasing those dogs, they became suspicious. These hired men tortured and captured the dogs and left them to die.


Manisha Bhowmick, one of the residents of Diamond city, says that she saw those men dangling a puppy with rope round its neck.

We are lucky to have people like her around the demons of the society. She protested and freed the puppy, but she was unable to get hold of the men who fled seeking help of the office bearers of the residents’ association.


A lot of people came to know about this. This angered a section of residents who found out that some of their fellow residents were at fault. They traced 7 dogs and found them in plastic bags or tied to trees.


"We have been protesting against this but the perpetrators have threatened us and attacked us. The strays are not mad dogs," said a resident.

Animal lovers gathered at the Sarsuna police station to register a complaint and demanded immediate action.

Trinamool Congress leader Deboshri Roy, also a well-known animal rights advocate, expressed solidarity with the animal lovers and activists and demanded the perpetrators be punished.

A petition launched online has brought the issue to focus.

"The strays there are being relocated and most of them getting killed by illegal dog handlers (read killers) who are paid to do so by most of the residents of the aforementioned housing complex.


"Police complaints have been lodged by the animal lovers of the society, NGOs and individual activists. But the residents are getting more desperate and were trying to prove that street dogs should be killed for the betterment of human beings. So far, they have got around 2000 signatures (all by the residents) in support of this barbaric act."


Info Source: dogexpress

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