16 Reason Why Dogs Are Better Than Girlfriends!

02 Mar 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

So, as promised and requested by all the boys who read the our previous article on dogs being better than boyfriends, we bring to you the much awaited list!! Girls, watchout for some harmless fun, and boys this is why your dog is better than your girlfriend!


1. Your dog never complains when you want to hang out with your friends, infact they chill with you guys too. 

2. Dogs don't really mind if you by mistake call them by another name! Try doing that to your girlfriend, you'll know.

3. They don't expect calls from you while you're at work, or even texts. They're okay with giving you your space.



4. They don't shop! Yes, you can expect them to keep your wallet full for some time. Its all in your hands!

5. Dogs live with you in the present. They would never bring up the past or the future. You had another dog before them? Its all cool with them!

6. For dogs, you're the best singer ever. Unlike your girlfriends who think you're terrible at singing, they enjoy it when you sing.




7. Dogs really love when there is a lot of stuff lying down untidy on the floor!

8. Dogs don't expect you to get them gifts all the time and take them out to fancy restaurants every other day! They love a bone for a gift and their usual bowl of kibble!

9. Dogs love to be show off their love in the public. They don't mind PDAs!

10. Dogs don't compare themsleves with other dogs in the magazines all the time! They're very comfortable with their bodies.




11. They're okay with how you look. They don't have anything for looks, just your heart.

12. They're okay with you peeing in the public sometimes. They're quite okay with that!

13. Dogs trust your driving completely. And even your sense of directions. They never ask you to check the maps.




14. Dogs are always okay with however you smell. Even if you're sweating  a lot after that football game. They'll love you the same!

15. Dogs don't need constant reminders that you love them. Unlike girls, they can sense your love through your actions!

16. Lastly, you enjoy a long walk without any talks? Take you dog. You know why.


Have we missed out any? 

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