16 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends!

01 Mar 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Okay, so here is a list that'll save you from all the relationship drama! And all of the girls out there will agree. Aren't you tired of dressing up every evening and being controlled?


So here's your rescue article!

1. You like being in a pyjama all day? Dogs have nothing to complain about. They love you for who you are.

2. They're okay with the extra weight you gain anytime! Because for them the more the better cuddling!

3. They absolutely LOVE CUDDLING! The don't mind Public Displays of Affection at all. And they also look forward to spend their evening just cuddling. When was the last time a guy liked this?



4. No matter what you cook, THEY JUST EAT IT ALL UP! Even if you burnt their food, they'll love it the same. Boyfriends complain all the time.

5. Dogs never come home late at night drunk. Yes, they go wild, but that just their happy craziness!

6. When your dog snores, its very very cute. Isn't it?


7. Dogs love it when your friends visit. Infact a little too much! They welcome your friends with all their hearts.

8. You missed shaving your legs? They don't give a damn! They're super happy with our without your body hair! We all know what boyfriends say to that.

9. They are never found cheating on you with somebody else! You'll always return home to a patient dog, waiting for you.


10. You know it when they are guilty, because their face gives it at all away. Did he drink from the toilet seat? Look at him, you'll always know.

11. Dogs don't mind that you earn more than them. Infact, they're really happy you do, otherwise who'll buy their expensive toys and food?

12. You can dress up your dog however you want! He won't complain and will be delighted to go anywhere with you.



13. Can't control your urge to shop? Dogs love to see you happy while shopping as long as they get some new treats in the shopping bag too!14. Your dog doesn't tell you how to drive, he doesn;t care if you're driving too fast or taking sharp turns. He trusts you no matter what!

14. Dogs don't need your all time attention. Unlike boyfriends, you anyway give your dog all the attention!

15. A dog never shouts or yells at you no matter what. He is perfect in every sense.

16. A dog will never fight for the TV Remote. Ever, you're free to watch anything, and they'll enjoy with you!


Source: critterconsulting

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