16 Things Your Dog Wishes For Always - Some Points Might Bring Tears In Your Eyes

23 Jan 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


Our dogs always love us no matter what. We have been experiencing their care for so many years, that its impossible to imagine life without them. Our dogs give us strength, courage, happiness and wisdom. They don't ask for much, do they? We have brought to you some lovely wishes on behalf of our dogs:

1. When I am young, please keep me very close to you. All the time. I have nobody else in this world who I can trust.



2. Take out time for walks please. I love long walks, even if its cold or raining or really hot outside. You beside me, makes the weather perfect for me.



3. When I do something wrong, please don't punish me for too long. Let me out of the guilt and hug me tight to remind me that you still love me. I never want to hurt you, I promise I will try not to mis-behave the next time.


4. Talk to me about everything. I love to hear about your day and your opinions. Your voice makes me very happy and I can sit and listen to you all day.



5. Don't forget to pamper me with lots of TREATS! Yes, I love eating yummy crunchies and chewing sticks! Rewarding me for my goodness will make me a better dog.



6. I love to make new friends who smell like me. So, please take me out more often and let me play with other dogs! It makes me happy.



7. I wish to always sleep next to you. I want to dream with you and wake up with you. It makes our bond stronger.



8. Touch me a lot, it is a proof of your love for me. I love it when you rub my ears, touch my cheeks and scratch my back. 



9. Try to trust me more often. Sometimes I like to run around without a leash, please let me do that. Believe that I will always come back when I am done running outdoors. I have nowhere else to go.



10. Sometimes I need time to understand what you want from me. So please be patient with me and give me extra time to learn new things. I promise to try my best.



11. Show me your world. Take me for drives very often. Take me to the pet store to shop with you. Take me anywhere you go.



12. Sometimes let me explore on my own. Give me the freedom to make my own mistakes and learn from them. I may be naughty, but I look up to how brave you are. I want to be like you.



13. Never stop teaching me new tricks. I love to please you in whatever way I can. Never think I am too old to learn anything new. I love to see you clap for me, always.



14. When I fall sick, please find out the problem very soon. I don't like the pain and I can't tell you what is hurting. I depend on you to take care of me and keep me healthy.



15. Don't leave me when I am old. I may not be a cute puppy who can run around and cheer you up. But I will always love you the same. shutterstock_277824980


16. Be with me on my final journey. I know it will be difficult for both of us. But please don't leave my side till my last breath, every moment with you will make the pain less. You are the only memory I'll take to heaven with me. 


Its okay to love your dog more than anything in this world. They will always love you more than you can ever imagine.

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