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17 Indian Puppies Show that All Puppies are Equally Lovable & Cute..!!

30 Aug 2015 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs


These cute Indian pups will make you wonder why people choose to adopt foreign breeds and not our lovable Indies!

Love them too, as they too are equally beautiful inside and outside heart

Here we have got 17 Indi pups and the things going inside their head... (Keep some tissues ready!)

1. Am I not as cute as your foreign breed pup?



2. I always wonder why I came into this world where I am so unwanted.



3. I always look into each passer by's eyes to see some love for me.



4. I also feel the urge to be picked up and cuddled. And to be called "so cute".



5. But no one comes near me at all.



6. I wish people knew that even I can also make cute faces.



7. But no one even stops to spare me a glance.



8. Some people keep food for me sometimes... so that I can live.



9. But they also don't stay back to give me a pat of love.



10. I get sad when I see those nice dogs and pups being walked.



11. These dogs are really lucky. You know they have "moms" in their life.



12. Why don't I have a nice and warm person called "mom" for myself?



13. But I know there would be a better world some day. I am positive.



14. When people would love me too, unbiased of my breed or type.



15. That day I will not only get plenty of food, but a home and lots of love too!


17-dog-breed (3)

16. Yes, that one day someone will definitely stop by and hear my cries.


17-dog-breed (2)

17. And that day my life will change forever... and I too will get to meet my "mom".



Indian pups also feel the same pain, and are capable to give the same love!

And tell us honestly, aren't they also cute?

Please adopt an Indie..at least the next time. smiley

Pics courtesy: indianpariahdog.blogspot/ reddit/ animalswecare.com/ animalzio.com/ brettcolephotography.com/ yeartohelp.com/ indiaopines.com/ mishaone.wordpress/ newsofdelhi.com/ pinterest

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