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20 Breeds that can stink up the place

18 Aug 2015 | by | Posted in: Breeds

Dogs aren't really a bunch of roses and definitely not smell pretty especially when they get dirty playing in the sun. However, there are certain breeds that are prone to foul dog smell than others. There are about 20 dog breeds that can stink up the place like crazy and can drive away your guests too! 

Basset Hound


Due to their short stature, Basset Hounds are prone to flatulence and skin problems which makes them stinky.

Cocker Spaniels

cocker saniel

The skin of cocker spaniels is oily that secretes oils which is not clean regularly can cause a foul smell



The ears of a Beagle are prone to fungal infections which results in a foul smell



These little delicate beings are prone to fungal infections in their skin which can be quite smelly if not cared for regularly

Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkies look adorable but when not groomed, their oily skin can be a pain in the nose



Chiuahuas are prone to flatulence due to their hgh metabolism rate



Pekingnese are delicate and blessed with a oily coat whch requires regular grooming to avoid the onset of fungal infections.

St Bernards


The gentle giant is one smelly dog. The excessive drooling and oily coat make them smelly and dirty real quick

English Bulldog

bull dog

Also called the King of Flatulence, English Bulldogs have Brachycephalic skulls which can make digestion a problem.

Blood Hounds


Flatulence, oily coat, smelly ears and drooling - all the factors that contribute to foul smell in blood hounds



Drooling, skin folds and being prone to fungal infections, Boxers can be smelly doggies too

Chinese Shar Pei


It is curious how a Shar Pei can actually smell like fish sauce. The folds on their skin make them prone to fungal infections



The lack of fur and the presence of a very oily skin makes these poised dogs smelly ones too.



Another breed that is prone to smelly skin and flatulence



Maltipoo can be smelly if not groomed regularly. Their oily skin and high metabolism can be a deadly combination

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apse

Lhasa Apso require high levels of grooming to keep them smelling clean and keep away fungal infections

Irish Setter


Setters are known to be smelly dogs due to their high metabolism rates and their thick dense coats


new found

Their oily coat and drooling makes them smelly in a very short period after baths



Mastiffs are smelly as their skin is prone to fungal infections. The constant drooling adds to the smell

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

king charles

Poised and cute yet extremely smelly due to their weak stomachs and flatulence caused hereby.

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