20 dog breeds with runway perfect hair

08 Sep 2015 | by Neha Manchanda | Posted in: Breeds

A beautiful, glossy coat speaks volumes about a dog's health, grooming, care and nutrition. Regular grooming, good nutrition and regular exercise and freedom from ecto - parasitic infestation ensure a healthy coat. However, some breeds are blessed with awe inspiring coats that they can give a lot of runway models a run for their money. Don't believe us? Read on..   Afghan Hound Afghan Hound Border Collie border collie Collie collie American Cocker Spaniel cocker spaniel Standard Poodle poodle Lhasa Apso Lhasa Pekingese pekingnese Pomeranian pom Yorkshire terrier yorkie Irish Setter irish setter Chow Chow chow chow Bishon Frise bichon Papillon papillon Golden retriever golden Shetland Sheep Dog sheltie Shih Tzu shih Borzoi borzoi Bearnese Mountain Dog bearnese English Sheep Dog old Cavalier King Charles cavalier Image: Flickr / Buzzfeed / Coolpics

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