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20 Labrador Baby Dogs Who Can Make Your Life Better in an Instant!

12 Jul 2015 | by Divya Divakaran | Posted in: Wag News

Who doesn't love puppies? Especially when they have big deep eyes, pretty baby face, kissable wet noses and heart-melting kind and loving disposition! Yes, we are talking about none other than Labrador puppies here!laugh

I have a strange habit of searching the internet for cute puppy pictures, whenever I feel low. And believe me, it has always worked in my favour! So here presenting to you the choicest of labrador puppy pictures from my collection, which is guaranteed to make your life better in an instant!!


1. This little puppy who wants to be double sure that his mom just mentioned the magic phrase "Let's go"!!



2. This little angel who is waiting for his daddy to come back home!



3. These puppies, who have found an altogether new meaning for "hanging out".



 4. This naughty fella who always gets this toy to his mommy, but refuses to give it to her!



5. This little one who loves his chicken, sooo much that he can given up on the real chicken in his bowl for it!



6. This fluff ball who knew how to get into the bucket, but had no clue about how to come out of it!



7. This little munchkin who is giving the perfect puppy dog looks after shredding his daddy's belt to pieces!!




8. This handsome little boy, who went on his first hunting expedition today, and found a precious treasure "stick"!!



9. These little brothers, who know how to stand by each other in the hour of need!!



10. This happy child who got to know that there can be things better than "a ball" in life. For e.g. Beach!!



11. This Cute potato who clearly doesn't appreciate that his parents got a new member home- err, a CAT!



12. This little puppy boy who is dreming BIG! That is the first step to success, isn't it? 



13. This gooey baby who wonders why everyday can't be Sunday! Baby feels so lonely without others around!



14. This little guy who is not at all amused with his mommy's idea of cute clothes and fun in the snow!! But that doesn't make him look any less cute!



15. And in contrast this little loveball feels overjoyed that his mommy adorned him with a nice cute blue ribbon!!



16. This cutie, who strategically sleeps on daddy's shoe to stop him from going to work!!



17. This little girl who is trying her best to show ladylike ettiquettes! Way to go girl!



18. This hungwyy furball who is quite clear in how to put his requests forward!!



19. This snowball who is trying hard to look angry, but is just looking cuter and more kissable!!



20. And needless to say, the first prize goes to this little monster who surely knows how to have fun in life!!



As they say "life is short, so make the most of it"... And who else but dogs can teach us to live every moment to the fullest and be happy all the while! smiley If this article has made you smile, share it along friends and make their day as well!

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