20 Signs You Love Your Dog Much More Than Anyone Else in This World!

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We all love dogs big time. After all one has to be heartless to give a cold shoulder to those heart-melting eyes and the unadulterated love of dogs! But does that certify one as dog crazy? Ummm.. not really. Dog crazy people are a different species altogether. They don’t just love dogs, but LIVE dogs! Yes, those people whose love for dogs surpasses their feelings towards anything else in this wold!

Want to check whether you fall in the latter category of not? Here are 20 signs that show that you love your dog more than anyone else in this world!!

1.     Your floor is full of dog toys- squeaky, chewy, plush and what not! And then there are some raw hides here and there, some old socks, and sometimes even your pyjamas that your dog likes!


2.     You know the names of all the dogs in neighbourhood, but err don’t know the name of their pet parents. Come on, admit it! “I met Harry’s mom yesterday”, “Bella’s dad is not keeping well I think”, eh?


3.     Your dog eats more variety than you do. Those sticks, cookies, raw hides, chewies, dental treats, pupcakes and what not! You have a stock of all of these all the time! And your snacks? Who cares!!


4.     It’s no funny business when you address your dog as a baby. Well, he is a baby right? With those eyes that melt your heart in an instant without uttering a word, who else but only kids can do that!


5.     Your dog’s birthday is any day more important than yours! Oh yes! And you spend endless nights party planning for the big day. Cake, decorations, guest list, gifts – it is a big affair, isn’t it?


6.     You go to vacations with your dog. Of course, vacations are meant to be fun, right? And how can you have fun when your little furball is not by your side? Nothing doing! He is going to be there, always!


7.     You just love to admire your furball when he is fast asleep. What cuteness, totally adorable!! There is no feeling like knowing that your baby is safe, secure and sound with you!


8.     You keep buying awesome beds and beddings for your naughty furkid. Although you know that he is just not going to like it ever! But hey, if there is a bed which is the best in market, your champ must, must have it!!


9.     You don’t care if someone dies in a movie as long as the dog lives. And if the dog dies, then you are going to be off for a few hours for sure, and may be the entire day!!


10.   Your ideal retirement plan is to have a quiet and peaceful farm in the countryside with a lot of dogs, and more of them, and like more, more, more, more, many more of them!!


11.   You dread those festivals which bring with them a lot of bursting firecrackers!! Ah, Diwali used to be your favourite once upon a time, eh?

Puppy on ottoman

12.   You share your bed with your dog. Sometimes you wake up with a stiff neck as you couldn’t disturb your sleeping dog. Sometimes you even move to the couch because your dog leaves no space for you on the bed. But that is OK, you don’t mind!!


13.   You keep talking to your dog throughout the day, just like having a normal conversation with your fellow human beings. You do this even when you are alone, and then also pretend that he understands to everything you say!!


14.   You accept the fact that drool and fur is an inevitable part of your life! It is okay, that is how it is meant to be. What is the big deal about spick and span homes, anyways!!


15.   You take your dog to dog parties and picnics, and you would never leave that for anything in this world! And your parties, ah well…your friends understand!


16.   You hate it when your guests ask you to take the dog away. You almost feel like screaming it on their face that “It is his home, not yours! If you have a problem, you walk out, he is just not going anywhere!!”


17.   It scares the hell out of you when you hear the slightest whine or whimper from your dog. You are like, whatever may happen to me, nothing should happen to my puppy love!!


18.   You can talk endlessly about your dog. Like for hours, non-stop! Well, may be, that is all you ever want to talk, or ever have to talk! Insane, but totally understandable!!


19.   You like to hang out with those people who have furry babies!! After all the wavelength should match right? Definitely, yes!!


20.   Your dog is an integral part of your family. Well, most important part of the family. And yes, he features on each of your family portrait too!!


Hmmm... So what is the result? Are you a crazy dog person or not? laugh

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