20 Golden Retriever Puppies who were Born for AWWWs!!

22 Apr 2015 | by | Posted in: Puppy

Close your eyes and think about Golden Retriever Puppies

. I am sure that even before you think something, you would get a broad smile! Pretty kohl-lined eyes, floppy ears, fat tummies, round-wiggling bums, and the most innocent face in the world- that is what these little puddings are made of! In short, God just gave 'cuteness' a living form when he made these adorable munchies.

And as if just  being a Golden Retriever puppy was not enough, the 20 pups below went a step ahead to become the cutest of the lot ever!!

Read and enjoy, and don't forget to say "AWWW"!! 


1. This one, who could not wait to go out on his first day out with Mom and dad! (look at the pride in his eyes!)


2. This little one who wanted to show-off his new dress to the world! (even if that meant going out in the sun!!)


3. The cutie pie below who saw the outside world for the first time ever! (Those looks say - "One day I am going to conquer it all!!)


4. Those heart-melting eyes which were patienlty waiting for daddy to change his work clothes and take him out for a walk!!


5. Those 2 brothers who were busy eating mommy's ears and had really no-idea that they were going to be poster-babies for a long while!


6. This bundle of fur, who is yet to realize that he is not a human!!


7. This fluffy tuffy who had no idea about why his new ball cannot be moved!! 


8. This adorable dumpling who could not believe his luck when daddy woke him up for a surprise midnight snack!!


9. This not-so-pleased puppy, who hated the idea of going back home after his first beach outing!!! (Now that is really understandable!!)


10. This little fellow who took his new rugby ball to bed because he didn't want to miss hitting a shot or two in his dreams!


11. This cute pup who has not realized it yet that vet visits are no fun!!!!!


12. This little darling who wanted to have a bath-tub of his own!!!


13. This munchkin who got so tired after his first walk that he had to be picked and taken inside the house!!!


14. This cutie pie who just learnt that "SIT" is the key to sucess! (and to treats!!)


15. This furball who came to know that his first Christmas was just around the corner!!!


16. This entire bunch of pups who got selected for the "How to be a Good Dog" training!!!


17. This baby boo who realizes the importance of dressing well in winters!!


18. This guilty boy who just attained Nirvana by jumping around in rain water puddles!!


19. This sad pumpkin who was really worried that the snow will never leave his nose!!!


20. And last but not the least, this happy baby, who was so happy, that he just went spreading his happiness all around in the neighbourhood!!!


Hope this article brought a cute smile on your face. Share this ahead to infect your friends too!!


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