21 Pictures of Babies And Dogs

20 Aug 2015 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs

Many dog loversare apprehensive about adding a dog to their family afterhaving kids. They worry about the infections and diseases a dog a may bring. On the other hand, those who have dogs, worry equally when planning for a baby, as they fear that their dog may not like the baby and harm him! But is there really a need to get worried? Absolutely not!! It is a sheer joy seeing human and fur babies running all around the place together. And it is also true that those babies who are raised along with a dog grow up to be more compassionate, kind and loving beings!

Via these 21 pictures below, we have tried to show what dogs think about their human babies. Your dog may not be able to tell all this to you, but believe us, he would love your baby to the moon and back!!

1. Come here, I will give you a nice belly-rub, my little human puppy.


2. I am teaching my baby how to pose for a Selfie.


3. My little girl wants to become a doctor, I must let her practice on me.


4. You got some snow on your cheek, let me clean that for you.


5. I promise to protect you till my last breath.


6. We broke some glass, ate some crayons and tortured the neighbour's cat. Now we are really tired.


7. Oh mommy put the baby lotion again? We must lick you till the time you start smelling as fresh a s a puppy.


8. Hey there, oh you want a kiss?


9. Mom taught us, "to share is to care".


10. Don't worry boy, I won't tell anyone that you ate some dog treats.


11. My little madame took me for a walk today.


12. She is NOT heavy, she is my sister.


13. She always wanted a little brother, and now she is too happy that she got me.


14. That is where she hides when mommy plays hide and seek, my sweet sister!


15. I was scared when they adopted me yesterday. Today I am the happiest pooch alive.


16. I love to share my bed with mybaby brother. I hope he will share his human bed too, when we grow up.


17. Isn't she the cutest? She calls me brother bear!


18. The vet visit was horrible. But everything became okay when my little brother hugged me.


19. It's my happiest day. My human boy told daddy that he wants to grow up to be like me.


20. It feels a little uncomfortable, but I won't get us as my baby is trying to give me a good massage.


21. My little angel by my side is all I need to be happy in life!


Yes, there is nothing like the bond between a little baby and furbaby!heart

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