23 Ways your Dog shows He Loves you Like Mad, Mad, Mad!!

18 Sep 2015 | by | Posted in: Wag News


I am sure you know your dog loves you like crazy, crazy, crazy! But how exactly can you prove that he loves you? Well here are the signs he shows to tell you that he LOVES you!

Read, relate and smile!!


1. He gives you the warmest welcome! Barks and wiggles bum hysterically when you come home. No matter how long you have been away. Sometimes it may be just 5 minutes since you were gone!


2. Kisses and licks your face uncontrollably. It’s ridiculously sweet if I may tell you!! No, not gross or disgusting at all! 


Makenna Wilson, 13, of Olympia gets a kiss from her Boston terrier, Roxy, as they wait to show at the Thurston County Fair on Saturday, Aug. 7, 2010. Makenna is a member of the Muttz-K-Teers 4-H Club. (Tony Overman/Staff Photographer)


3. Jumps on you full length. Don’t blame him for the bruises you may get. These are love bites, errr…love marks!!


4. Insists on carrying your bag inside your room. However heavy it may be! He might accidently drop each and every content outside, but guys he is just trying to help!


5. Insists on sleeping between you and your partner. Also gets in between when you guys try to hug each other. Well, deal with it!



6. Whenever you are away, he would pick any of your belonging- knickers, shirt, socks and keep it close to him!


7. Gets you a gift every time you walk in through the door. A shoe, a chew toy or a bone. And of course doesn’t hand it over. Did you even expect that?


8. Smiles at you. You think I am nuts? Well, but really dogs do smile! Big-wide-happy-content smile! And it is only for you!



9. Decides who is a good friend for you and who is not! How? Simple! Those who like your dog are good. Those who don’t, get over with them ya!


10. Wakes you up by licking your face. It’s a great thing to be in office on time, right? You dog realizes that. What a help! Errr.. yes even on Sundays.


11. Sticks his body as close as possible next to you. Doesn’t matter if you are working on an important presentation or trying to exercise!



12. Follows you from room to room. Sits down in a corner till you finish your business. Follows you back! (Did you just smile?)


13. Tries to get into the washroom with you. Whatever be the business, he has to help you out, right? Sometimes just morally though!


14. Looks at your face intensely. Especially when you are eating!! How can you forget to feed him scraps? Oh you should never forget that!



15. Waits at the door/window when he senses that you have reached home! No one else can do that! It’s sheer love boss!!


16. Puts his face/paw on your laptop/files as a sign of time out! After all home is meant for spending time with family, not work your a** off!


17. Keeps your health in check. Gets you his leash. Come on lazy bum, you have to be up and exercising to stay in shape!!



18. Jumps on you and begs to be carried up in your lap. Oh you have a Pug, it’s fine! What.. did I hear errr… a Saint Bernard? Good Luck!


19. Helps you keep the house clean. Cleans food from the floor as soon as it drops down. That’s really quick and efficient!


20. Senses your mood swinging. Looks inquisitively at your face. Oh yes, that look! And even licks your tears dry! Awwww.



21. Brings you toys to play fetch every now and then. He feels you should never get bored. Now that is thoughtful. Isn’t it?


22. Let’s you cry on himself. Rough day at work? Bad breakup? He will let you cry buckets all over his lovely warm fur, not moving an inch away, how-much-ever uncomfortable he may feel!


23. Tries to please you, make you smile, even when he is unwell and lying hapless in a corner. That half wag of a tail is the most heart-breaking expression of love!


Always treasure your dog, for no one else can love you as selflessly as him!

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