27 dogs who just can't get up on a Monday morning

31 Aug 2015 | by | Posted in: Funny Posts

They say bad times crawl and for some sad wierd and absolutely terrible reason, good times fly! Like weekends, for instance, Monday through Friday time crawls and drags itself till it's the weekend and BAM! it's over before one can really enjoy it to the max!

We found 27 dogs who dread Monday mornings just like you. They would rather crawl under the warm blanket, snuggle up with their favourite person and dream of bones and long runs on the beach than get up and go meet deadlines. 

This cat can't believe that her licks won't wake up the Husky


There are some who just melt at the thought of it being a MONDAY!

sleep 2

Like, why would there be a Monday, anyway??!!

sleep 3

After a long weekend of party and running around one needs atleast 5 days to recuperate and chill, right Mr BullDog?

sleep 4

Then there is the alarm, 5 more minutes of sleep won't harm

sleep 5

This one is dreaming of bones and chicken, why would anyone want to get up when its a sweet dream?

sleep 6

This one thinks sleepy scary face can drive away MONDAY

sleep 7Mondablaaahhhhh!

sleep 8

Some are too adorable to wake up on a Monday

sleep 9Others don't give a bone to meeting deadlines at all



sleep 10

Then there are those who make others envy with their "i am too adorable for words when I sleep" looks

sleep 11

So adorable that when there is more cuteness added, one would rather sleeep than go out to work

sleep 12

Even sleep during an early morning swim

sleep 13

Then there is this one who won't get to sleep on the bed,  so she decides to sleep on the porch

sleep 14

Or the sofa
sleep 15

Or the lazy boy

sleep 16

Some can be attrociously shamless

sleep 17

Others, a tad more graceful

sleep 18

Many can't function without a cup of coffee

sleep 19

Others don't bother at all - to drink a cup of coffee takes effort too

sleep 20

So they continue to sleep, even if it looks uncomfortable to you

sleep 21

And pray that when they wake up it's Friday again

sleep 22

And that no one wakes them up in between

sleep 23

Even for a car ride

sleep 24

Sleep is precious you see

sleep 25

And everyone agrees about it

sleep 26

So even though the head and the alarm clock say "good morning", the heart knows it's good night!


Image source: Buck the Bull Dog - Instagram / Tumblr / 500Pix / PicAWW

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