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3 Dogs Fight Rattlesnake To Save Owner, 1 Loses Life [News]

28 May 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

With the recent cloud of uncertainty over the disposition of some breeds, many have totally neglected the true demeanor of dogs. American Bulldogs, just like many other bully-type breeds are banned in various legislations across the world. These breed-bans have been crafted as a result of many irresponsible owners and breeders who breed unwanted traits in many dogs for fighting and attacking purposes.

But the cloud of fear from these breeds that has been propagated as a result of these bans will slowly but surely be cleared. Truly inspiring and awakening is one such case in Florida, USA; where an American Bulldog and her puppies defended their human family from rattlesnake that found its way into their lawn. American Bulldog Maisy, along with her puppies Chubbs and Tundra stood their ground when they were alerted by a potential threat.

All three of the dogs suffered highly venomous wounds in the process of protecting their family. Although the owners rushed to procure anti-venom that was worth $700 per vial and highly rare, one of the puppies Chubbs could not survive the bite.

Candy Sappington, the owner is absolutely devastated who along with her son are grieving over the loss of Chubbs. Sappington’s 16-year old son grabbed a .22 caliber rifle and shot the snake during this fiasco but was unsuccessful in saving his favourite dog in the pack. The other two dogs have suffered considerable injuries to their face and the swelling can be certain evidence of that. Watch the video of the reported incident.

However devastating the story, it is quite awe-inspiring how much length your dog can go to regardless of the misconceptions around certain breeds that still pertain.

Share similar stories with us that involve your dog in a heroic incident.

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