35 reasons why Labrador Retrievers make your heart skip a beat

07 Sep 2015 | by | Posted in: Breeds

One of the most popular dog breeds in the world, Labrador Retrievers are perfect dog breeds in every way. Their affable nature, loyal and helpful nature and not to forget their happy smiling faces have made Labrador Retrievers a favourite not only with families but also in law enforcement agencies, search & rescue operations and therapy assistance.


Still, not convinced? Here are 35 reasons why we love Labrador retrievers and are absolutely crazy about them.

Even when at work they look so adorable that it's comforting

;ab 31

They have got great self control


They accept their mischief, and are sorry about it


Yet are absolute bonkers about food anigif_enhanced-27516-1428691463-27

They love their family to bits, and show it everytime

lab 2

Love to bask in the sun, and look happy as ever

lab 3

They appreciate good food, like really!

lab 4

As much as they love to go for runs and long walks in the rain

lab 5

Their smiles are infectious, sunshine like

lab 6

Even as puppies, they are pawwdorable!

lab 7

Their eyes are mesmerising, hypnotising

lab 8

They make best friends with the youngest in the family, act like big brother

lab 9

They are perfect to share a laugh, a joke

lab 10

They look pretty, always

lab 11






They are so expressive, that it's insanely cute






lab 12

They take time to explore the world



lab 13


They are so cute while sleeping that you can melt right there


lab 14
Yet follow rules to the book lab 15


Begging? they mastered the art of it

lab 16

They sit down on the problem to help you solve it

lab 17

And can be all cuddly cute when you are down in the dumps

lab 18

They make playtime so much fun, it's insane

lab 19

Yet they got your back, always!

lab 20

Labradors are like a bag of chips, you cannot have only one

lab 21

They love kisses and cuddles

lab 22

And are fashion concious too

lab 23


They make excellent travel companions


lab 24


And really know how to have a good time







lab 25


Labradors are excellent with household chores


lab 26


But we would rather have them to admire their cuteness


lab 27


They love bath time, make it super fun


lab 28


And love to spend time on the beach

lab 29

They are always protective of their new companions

lab 30


They will love you till furever!


lab 34And make you take time off from work and enjoy!





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